ATTENTION: MOAB Kills 36 ISIS Fighters, Here’s What Experts Think ISIS Will Do Next…


Will ISIS Strike Back To MOAB Attack?

Jim Hanson | Photo Credit Fox News

Around 1,000 ISIS-Afghan fighters have lived in the Nangarhar Province, which has been an ISIS stronghold since 2015. It shares a border with Pakistan, and it’s also one of thirty-four provinces in Afghanistan. According to Fox News, the MOAB killed 36 of these fighters.

The MOAB, or Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, is also known as the “Mother of All Bombs.” This is the first time it’s ever been used, despite being brought to service in 2008. It’s considered similar to a nuclear bomb, seeing as it is the largest non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal.

The question now is, what will ISIS do in response?

Can We Expect Response From ISIS?

Executive VP of Center for Security Policy Jim Hanson said:

“Hamid Karzai should understand that if ISIS is building tunnel complexes and camps in Afghanistan, that’s on them, not us. How we decide to destroy that threat to all humanity shouldn’t be his concern. He should be applauded the deaths of those jihadists, rather than giving us a hard time about it.”

“This was an actual complex that they thought was remote [and] protected because it was underground. [They thought] we couldn’t get to it, because they do control large [parts] of that territory. The problem is, ISIS has been under pressure in Syria and Iraq, so they’ve been [sending] fighters to Afghanistan, Libya and other places.”

Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Dropped In Afghanistan

The Conservative Review reports:

“The Pentagon has released video footage of MOAB — i.e. the “Mother of All Bombs” — as it was dropped by the U.S. military’s C-130 aircraft Thursday, targeting ISIS fortifications in Afghanistan. It is the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb, and reports indicate at least 36 ISIS fighters were killed in the blast.”

“So far, no civilian casualties have been reported. The 20-second night-vision video shows the bomb’s detonation in real time.”

ISIS will likely continue their small attacks, but perhaps this MOAB will create fear within ISIS.

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