DISGUSTING: VA Hospital Leaves 10,000 Veterans In Cold… Admits THESE People Instead…

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-17

Auditors Find Troubling News In VA Hospital

Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center | Photo Credit Cross City Skate

Government auditors discovered that a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital that advertised a program to help 20 transgendered individuals failed to care for the remaining 111,000 veterans on health care essentials.

These “essentials” included keeping medical equipment sterile and properly training employees.

“We could not gain reasonable assurance that clinical managers effectively monitor the professionals competency of providers…patient equipment is clean… [and] employees ensure a safe and healthy environment,” read the report from the Inspect General (IG) in regards to the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in March.

VA Hospital Proud Of Their LGBT Services

Magicians Without Borders | Photo Credit Magic Training VETS

In 2015, this hospital received a great deal of positive news coverage and publicity for their “clinic for transgender patients.” CBS News reported. 

The hospital director Susan Fuehrer said, “Opening this transgender clinic allows us to continue to provide compassionate care in a space dedicated specifically to transgender veterans.”

The hospital boasts being a “leader in the LGBT healthcare equality.” However, the…

VA Hospital Ignores Majority Of Patients 

VA Patient Care | Photo Credit Daily Beast

Evan Young, the president of the Transgender American Veterans Association said, “The VA has been stepping up their game. Patients need a health care provider who is sensitive and has the actual clinical knowledge and experience to treat transgender patients.”

This facility shined a light on the minority that they felt positive about, but then neglected the majority of patients who need basic care. It’s like treating a classroom with prestige while letting the school fall apart.

The IG report found that there are “system weaknesses in credentialing and privileging utilization management, patient safety, environmental cleanliness…and Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program processes.”

Eighty-seven percent of employees didn’t have proper documentation and one employee was charged with a felony for patient abuse.

What do you think should happen to this VA hospital?

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