Terror Groups Now Using Drones In Attacks


ISIS Begins Using Drones To Attack

Drone Attacks | Photo Credit Fox News

ISIS has recently started using drones in their attacks. The affordable and accessible drones can be used for surveillance as well as attacks. Based on these images, the drones run around $200-500 in America.

Drones have been used by the American military as well. From our perspective, it’s a way to attack or discover information without putting people in harm’s way. For terrorists, who are willing and ready to die for their cause, this is even more troubling since they will likely be used on innocent civilians.

Iraqi Forces Try To Fight ISIS Drones

Fox News reports:

“Unmanned, aerial vehicles, better known as drones, are a fact of life now. They have all sorts of interesting and helpful uses. Fox News has its own fleet, but so do people with dubious intentions. Iraqi forces take aim at an ISIS drone. The U.S. military says scenes like this have become more frequent over the last six months—as many as 30 encounters with [drones] per week.

“ISIS is now using commercial drones to drop grenades from above or to surveill coalition troop movement in Iraq. The drones are inexpensive and accessible. ISIS propaganda videos posted online encourage propaganda attacks worldwide and now some experts question whether the U.S. is prepared for that.”

Islamic Fighters Show New Weapons

Drone Attacks | Photo Credit Fox News

The Washington Post reports:

“Late last month, a pair of Islamic State fighters in desert camouflage climbed to the top of a river bluff in northern Iraq to demonstrate an important new weapon: a small drone, about six feet wide with swept wings and a small bomb tucked in its fuselage.

“The two men launched the slender machine and took videos from a second, smaller drone that shadowed its movements. The aircraft glided over the besieged city of Mosul, swooped close to an Iraqi army outpost and dropped its bomb, scattering Iraqi troops with a small blast that left one figure sprawled on the ground, apparently dead or wounded.”

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