Should President Trump Use His Android Phone In The White House?


Losing his Android phone means isolation for President-elect Donald Trump.

Recently, a Trump team member told the New York Times that President-elect Donald Trump will have a hard time giving up his Android phone once he steps into the White House. Apparently, he has reservations about losing his phone, fearing he will become isolated without it.

Android Phone Equals Twitter Phone

Having so much on his plate, with various national and global concerns, transitional issues, and leadership appointments to make, his phone may seem minor to some. But for the President-elect, the worry of living in the White House without his personal cell phone, increases the weight of his thoughts.

His phone is his chief point of remote connection with friends and consultants — not forgetting the center of his public influence — Twitter.

With more than 34,000 tweets to his credit, it is no doubt the principal aspect to Trumps’ political elevation. Twitter has been a primary part of his communications strategy, permitting him to interact with millions of people while both bypassing the press, and generating news and stories in a personalize way. Even when it gets him in mess.

In between his own tweets, The New York Times has counted comments Trump tweeted, calculating nearly 300 criticisms directed at people and places, among other things on this social media platform.

He also keeps a close eye in his follower count, as he mentioned in an interview with 60 Minutes. He told Leslie Stahl how he picked up 100,000 people in one day. He said, “I’m not saying I love it, but it does get the word out.”

When President Barack Obama got a smartphone to replace his Blackberry, he said that he couldn’t take pictures or have apps on it. In fact, when he sent his first tweet as @POTUS, he borrowed an aides’ iPhone.

Security Concerns

Some tech studies have shown that a phone running on Android’s operating system is more prone to hacking. This is because of its not-so-strong encryption technology.

Hackers from enemy groups can easily access information if President Donald Trump uses an unprotected phone in the White House. Image Source: CORE Impulse
Hackers from enemy groups can easily access information if President Donald Trump uses an unprotected phone in the White House. Image Source: CORE Impulse

Now, I’m not belittling Android phones — I myself use Android devices. But, imagine if the hackers could access the president’s phone easily — it would endanger national security.

Without advanced encryptions and other security measures, President Trump should use an FBI and CIA-approved unit. Even if it does mean personal sacrifice. 

android phone
White House tech specialist had to configure President Barack Obama’s Blackberry before he took office. Source: wittyfeed

Trump wants to maintain his Android connection, and he wouldn’t be the first president to do so. President Obama was permitted to keep his own cherished BlackBerry, after implementing certain high-security measures, when he moved to the White House in 2009.

It was reported that “a pretty small group of people,” which includes a senior workforce and personal associates, had access to the personal phone line.

But Trump is rapidly realizing how the presidency isolates in some ways, and as a connected communicator, he is already struggling with a tremendous loss of privacy. Holding the office of President of the United States limits freedom of personal movement — difficult for a hands-on leader. 

Trump is currently working with the Secret Service. He hopes they can agree to an understanding allowing him to spend his weekends at his Trump Tower penthouse back in New York, to seek haven in his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, or to relax at his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

In his home environments, Trump will likely have quality moments with his smartphone, and a connection with his virtual followers. Regardless, I’m sure there’s no stopping the 5:30 a.m. tweets for Donald Trump — at least with him, we have an idea about what’s going on. 

Do you think the President of the United States should have access to their personal cell?