2The Case for Real Women

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Elizabeth Martin Johnston is a wife and mother of 10 children. She homeschools her children and speaks at events around the country on family issues. She calls herself the “Activist Mommy” and her latest video has gone viral.

In the 3-minute video, she speaks directly to the self-proclaimed “nasty women” who attended the January 21st Women’s March.

The protesters alleged they were marching for women all over the world. But as Elizabeth points out- their words and behavior told a different story.


What Ladies Everywhere Want to Say to the Women’s Marchers#ActivistMommy #NotMyMarchLike + Share + #NotMyMarch

Posted by The Activist Mommy on Friday, January 27, 2017

Activist mommy points out that many of the women attending the protest wore pink vagina hats or costumes.  

Then she calls them out for covering buildings with feminine products…

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  • Vivian Copeland

    I’d call this woman a nasty piece of work but she doesn’t deserve the title. She’s filth personified. How dare you act as if her points are justified or even make sense. You are as filthy and vile as she is. She has ten kids she doesn’t take care of because she’s too busy running around being the “Activist” mommy if you can call a brainless twit an activist. Objectification occurs when you pose naked like Melania Twitler or star in porn films like she did. It doesn’t occur when you use sanitary napkins to make a point. I highly doubt most men are thinking, “ooh, sexy,” when they see that kind of thing. Ridiculous, stupid point. This pig then tries to preach tolerance. I had to laugh when with the next breath she called honest decent women abnormal, silly, unintelligent, sinful and many other disgusting filthy terms. Just for the record, no one kept pro-life people out of the Women’s March. So that makes Botox-Face either a liar or stupid. I was at the March. Everyone was welcome. There were pro-life people there but, of course, no one was paying attention to their ridiculous nonsense because it was the intelligent women marching not the idiots. She calls herself the smart one. Ha. I’m sure all the female doctors and lawyers and business owners and astronauts all around the country are going to rush to get advice from some nut job who has ten kids she doesn’t bother to take care of. She’s too busy bleaching her hair and filling her ugly face full of botox and fillers. Finally, I was at that March. It was peaceful and uplifting and there is nothing you filthy pigs can do to change that. I’m also married to a great guy and I gave birth to another. So stop spreading filthy lies that feminists hate men. I love men, just not the pussy grabbing kind. I hope this woman is attacked by some sick pervert like Donald Trump. Then we’ll see what tune she sings. Lastly, can someone please tell her to lighten up on the hairspray. She looks like a hard worn out tramp with all that product. Can’t imagine any decent man wanting to touch her, ever. Disgusting hatred filled pig that she is.

    • Kathryn Potter Rubio

      My goodness, you just can’t stand anyone having a different opinion than you! Hence the “nasty” name-calling. She is correct that pro-life women’s groups were “un-invited” to attend the event by the organizers of the event. And Madonna’s words were of violence. I’m glad you enjoyed participating in the march.

      • Vivian Copeland

        What this woman is doing is not having an “opinion.” She is spewing hate toward other woman, homosexuals and transgender people like the hag that she is. She sounds like a crazy psycho in need of medication. And pro-life women’s groups were not “un-invited.” There were over half a million people at the March. I know because I was there, as were some pro-life people. In fact, there was one lunatic in a truck who drove up and down the road spewing out his hate. So don’t you dare call me a liar. We don’t lie like you and your so-called president do. If pro-life women wanted to attend there was no one to stop them. The crowd and the police were all highly respectful. In fact, it was clear whose side the police were on because they couldn’t have been nicer. Everyone hates you for what you’ve done. No one paid any of your filthy nut jobs the slightest heed, of course, because they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Why would you want to come to a March that does not represent your opinions. It’s a horrible thing to do. You know we do not share your beliefs and to try and upset our beautiful peaceful uplifting March with that kind of filth is truly hateful. But they don’t call you Deplorable for nothing now do they. If you want a March, get off your fat lazy bon-bon eating asses and organize one. Of course, you guys aren’t capable of that because you represent the stupid faction of women. Shame! Shame on you for trying to keep all women subservient like you are, ugh, and shame on your for the piece of filth you had the nerve to put in the Oval Office. Maybe you can go have him grab your pussy since you seem to think that kind of behavior is to be commended.

        • Michael Bagley

          Someone’s delusional, question is sharia law acceptable to you?

          • Vivian Copeland

            I’m a feminist. What do you think? Honestly, the intelligence level of some of you people is just beyond belief. Ugh.

          • Bill Brown

            Yet Feminists will not say a single word in Condemnation of the Islamists demands for SHARIA in Europe or the United States.

          • Bill Brown

            You’re right ! i’m not a Woman and i’ll never know what it’s like to be PRE-MENSTRUAL you Clownish Moron

          • Vivian Copeland

            I’m not quite sure I get your point? Are you suggesting that women are hysterical or somehow less than because we menstruate? If anything, it makes us better than you because we have proven we can compete and beat you even with a monthly period. Furthermore, you should be grateful that we do menstruate because if we didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. I’m thinking you probably hate your mother and or wife and or daughter and or girlfriend (if in fact you have any of these relationships with your hatred of women) because it comes shining through in your prose. However, the truth is we don’t need you anymore. At all. We have sperm banks. But women are still the only ones who can give birth. So take that you useless Deplorable piece of vermin. And before you accuse me of being a man hater let me assure you that I have a wonderful husband (unlike you) whom I love very much and who loves me. I also gave birth to a son who is more of a man than you will ever be because he does not have these antiquated disgusting views. Have a good day. I am done communicating with you because of your filthy way of expressing yourself.

          • Bill Brown

            Yes I Meant all that and — CLOWNISH MORON !

          • Bill Brown

            Thank You ,,,,you Clownish Moron !

          • Vivian Copeland

            Like I care what a nothing such as yourself thinks. LOL.

          • Vivian Copeland

            I doubt you know any feminists because I do and I don’t know a single one who supports Sharia in Europe or the United States. Please. Muslims have the right to their own traditions just like any other culture. However, they must accept our way of life, and anyone with common sense realizes this. If orthodox muslims attempt to legislate restrictions on women, I can assure you we will all be speaking out. None of us would obviously like this to happen in Europe, either, but we’re more concerned with what’s happening at present in our own country with a maniac at the helm. We have a little too much on our plate right now to be worrying about what’s happening around the globe.

        • Kathryn Potter Rubio

          You seriously need help, girl!

          • Vivian Copeland

            No, I just tell it like it is, but I appreciate your “attempt” at debate. An education would have helped with that.

    • andre_lefebvre

      Hum hum. It’s called an opinion. And hard truth softly shared. She has some good points. I truly wonder what would happen to these women who are year-round activists for rights they already have. Their real agenda? POWER to kill their babies, unborn or born. Equal pay? They should talk to women in power who hoard the money (Hillary among others). Not “men” in general. It is totally fabricated victimhood. Let them walk against human trafficking, sexual abuse, better conditions for Muslim women in our societies, against religious abuse, etc.

      • Vivian Copeland

        Shared softly? LOL. She sounds like a bitch on wheels when she’s calling decent women abnormal, unintelligent and sinful among other things. At least I cared for my son when he was little instead of racing around spewing hate and expecting my children to raise themselves. I simply cannot communicate with you because NO ONE is killing BABIES. Abortion is legal in the first trimester when what a woman is carrying is essentially a blood clot not a fetus. We will do what we have to do to protect our right to choose and that’s the end of it. Stop trying to subvert the law. Women deserve to be paid the same as men for doing the same job and many are not in the private sector and that’s the truth of it. So go away, you bore me.

    • Signetring54

      You are so full of resentment and hate. Your words are acidic and expose your darkened heart for what it really represents, pure unadulterated evil launched like a cruise missle out of te pit of the deepest recesses of hell. Someone who has experienced a terrible childhood expresses themselves this way Please check yourself in to a 12 step progarm and get some help.

      • Vivian Copeland

        Too bad for you that I had a wonderful childhood with wonderful parents. Even worse for you, I have a great husband, a high-achieving child, a gorgeous home, and two dogs I love very much. I also have fabulous friends and a career I adore. I am very blessed. Your prose is so hate-filled it marks you as the Deplorable that you are. The only person who needs a 12 step program is you. I would have you deported if I could because it’s people like you who are dragging the whole country down. You are unpatriotic and unAmerican. God will judge you for your actions, and you are not going to fare well at all.

  • Mary Muna

    I appreciate all of the gay folks marching for equal rights for women..but the whole fiasco was a joke..they need to choose better speakers in the future!

    • Vivian Copeland

      We loved our speakers. Nice women do not make history and we are done sitting at the back of the bus. Enjoy earning seventy cents to every man’s dollar. We’re not having it.

      • Bill Brown

        The Feminazi have filled your head with LIES — the 70cents garbage has been disproved a Thousand times since the 80’s… Shrill whiners are “history” ….. they don’t make it !

        Women have not seen the “BACK of the BUS” not even a glimpse of it in 30 YEARS !!

        • Vivian Copeland

          What would you know about it, idiot, you aren’t female. And I don’t need anyone to fill my head with anything because — NEWSFLASH — I think for myself. The only person who sounds shrill is you. In fact, you sound downright hysterical. Might want to get some meds for that because you’re embarrassing yourself pretty badly.

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