Mexico Refuses To Fill Tunnels Leading Under U.S. Border


Americans Spend Millions, But Mexico Ignores

Border Tunnels | Photo Credit Fox News

Whenever border patrol agents find a tunnel leading under the U.S. – Mexican border, American law enforcement fills the U.S. side with concrete. But on the other side, Mexicans say filling up the tunnel is too expensive.

This means that cartels who bring drugs into America can essentially walk back through the tunnel to the U.S. side and simply begin to extend the tunnel around the area where Americans have blocked it off.

It costs American authorities millions to discover and block tunnels.

Border Tunnels | Photo Credit Fox News

Fox News reports:

“It will be difficult to build a wall upon the Mexican border because of geographics, [like] physical challenges. That wall is only part of the plan to stop illegal imports from our Southern neighbor. Another big effort is below ground. It involves, not just people, but illegal drugs.”

Super Tunnels Also Found

According to CNN, there are even super tunnels, like underground railroads:

“Smugglers on the U.S.-Mexico border have become so sophisticated in moving drugs that one “super tunnel” raided this week featured a railway. The tunnel stretched the length of eight football fields, from a Tijuana warehouse to a San Diego warehouse, and had a rail system, lighting, electricity, and metal beams to prevent a cave-in.

“Authorities confiscated at least 12 tons of marijuana with a street value of $6 million and arrested 22 people in San Diego and Tijuana in connection with one of the largest tunnels uncovered in recent years.”

This super tunnel had lighting, ventilation, and even metal tracks to make it easier for drugs, guns, or people to pass through to the other side. As the walls get higher, this will be the next major breach that needs to be fixed and eradicated.

Unfortunately, Mexico shows no effort to help.

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