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Ivanka Trump wants her supporters, and detractors, to know her fashion line isn’t going anywhere. Anywhere but up that is.


“The Ivanka Trump brand continues to expand across categories and distribution with increased customer support, leading us to experience significant year-over-year revenue growth in 2016.”

This is just part of a statement issued recently by Rosemary K. Young. Young is the senior director of marketing for Ivanka Trump Fashions.

In her statement, Young made a point of noting that the success of the Ivanka Trump brand is not based solely on money, but on integrity as well.

“We are proud to say that the Ivanka Trump brand continues to embody the principles upon which it was founded.”

She also wants everyone to know that it is a company “built to inspire women.”

Their message is that whether they are stay-at-home moms, young entrepreneurs or doting grandmas. Women deserve to be celebrated. It is decisions like this, that reveal the heart of woman behind the brand.

Young’s statement comes on the heels of Nordstrom’s curious decision to drop Ivanka Trump apparel and accessories. A decision they suggested was necessary to keep up with the latest trends.

Each year we cut about 10% [of brands carried] and refresh our assortment with about the same amount.”

Yet, despite this assertion, Ivanka’s fashions have been carried both in-store and online since 2011. Young’s response also suggested that Nordstrom wasn’t telling their customers the whole truth. She pointed out that “They canceled the shoe order, kept the apparel order and moved the apparel from online into stores. It’s there.”

This certainly gives the impression their “decision” is being made for…


Political Reasons

An email from Nordstrom, obtained by Fortune in November, helps the picture become a little clearer. It was sent to staff members and referenced the divisive political climate that currently exists:

“We’ve heard from customers, including some who are long time loyal customers, threatening a boycott of Nordstrom if we continue to carry the line. Similarly, we’ve heard from customers who say they will boycott Nordstrom if we stop carrying the brand. This is a sharply divisive subject. No matter what we do, we are going to end up disappointing some of our customers.”

Shortly after Nordstrom made their “business decision”-Nieman Marcus made one as well. They carry Ivanka’s precious jewelry line. Or at least they did.

Similar to Nordstrom, they have cited “poor performance” as the reason for dropping the brand. Neither company had indicated there were any problems in the past.

So why are they making this decision now?

Chances are good that they are caving to the anti-Trump group The extreme left group made headlines recently for their call to boycott L.L. Bean.  As a matter of “principles,” they are encouraging boycotts of any company that sells Donald or Ivanka Trump products.

Despite their efforts, America’s new first daughter is here to stay. There are 28 companies that currently offer Ivanka Trump fashions. Companies that do not base their decisions on bully tactics and political correctness.


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  • Cora Fernandez

    Those who threatened boycott are mostly illegal aliens who have no money and cannot afford the price, Nordstrom should not be alarm. Millions of illegal aliens are the one rallied every where and they are menace of society here in America.

    • Janet Bresler

      hahahahaha. Illegals buying that kind of clothing line. Dream along. hahaha

  • Kevin Smith

    Well, I could show my support by buying her fashion line but I don’t think I have the legs for her dresses.

  • Debbie Hanna

    Now Belk’s say they are getting rid of her line too. All political. I don’t want politics dictating what I can buy .

  • Caroline J Connor

    im caving into my good decision but stop buying from either store and now Macys is in my line of fire too! keep going and i will keep deleting

    • Janet Bresler

      I don’t think they dropped her . Macy’s . They are being pressured but haven’t caved ….Yet anyway

  • [email protected] */]]>

    I was a faithful Nordstrom’s shopper. Guess NOT anymore.

  • capamerica

    Will not buy from either also. Caving to left is just wrong.

  • Glenn Scarborough

    Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus lost a customer.

  • Cathryn Todd

    Discrimination, whether it is related to race, color, gender, sexual orientation or political views is not morally nor ethically acceptable, nor should be legally allowed.

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