Florida Muslim Teen Who Stabbed His Friend Was Known By FBI

Corey Johnson-FBI
The FBI investigated 17-year old Corey Johnson for terrorism-related activities. | Photo credit Palm Beach Post

13-year old Jovanni Brand didn’t participate in the National School Walkout for gun control on Wednesday. He wasn’t at school at all because 17-year old Corey Johnson, a self-proclaimed Muslim, stabbed him and slit his throat during a sleepover.

Last Monday, Palm Beach Gardens police arrested Johnson after he attacked family friends at a birthday sleepover. The teenager planned to murder his friend, Kyle Bancroft, along with his friend’s mom, younger brother Dane, and Dane’s friend Jovanni Brand.

At approximately 4 a.m., Johnson took out a knife and killed Brand while he slept upstairs in the loft. Hearing the commotion, both Dane and his mom Elaine Simon rushed to the stairs where they saw Johnson. He stabbed Elaine Simon 12 times and 13-year old Dane Bancroft more than 30 times. According to Johnson, his friends “idolized celebrities” and made fun of his Islamic faith. Per the arrest report, he said that he “summoned the courage” to carry-out the attack by “reading his Quran.”

As bad as this is, it gets worse.

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