Disrespecting The Military: The Left’s Hate for American Soldiers


Stomping and burning the American flag. Kneeling during the National Anthem. Thanks to the agenda of the socialist left, respect for our active-duty military and veterans is NOT what it used to be. This latest story is a shining example of their hate for America.

Emerging Story

The story emerging is that of a Gold Star family that was booed by passengers as they exited their plane in Phoenix, AZ. “Gold Star” refers to a family that has lost a loved one in combat. The soldier in this case is Marine Sgt. John Perry.

Source Credt: Department of Defense
Source Credt: Department of Defense

Sgt. Perry, from Stockton, CA., was serving in Afghanistan when he came across a suicide bomber. The bomber was heading to a Veteran’s 5K run, where hundreds of soldiers would be easy targets. Sgt. Perry sacrificed his life making sure that did not happen. He was thirty years old.



From Normandy to Safe Spaces

Today’s youth is all about safe spaces. Those comfy, cozy places that serve hot chocolate and offer meditation. A place where progressive college students can hide from real life to protect their fragile emotions. This is in stark contrast to the experience our 18-25 year-olds had seventy years ago.

Source Credit: dailymail.co.uk
Source Credit: dailymail.co.uk

It was June 6th, 1944. D-Day. 160,00 allied forces stormed a 50-mile stretch of French coastline to fight Nazi Germany. Normandy beaches were heavily fortified and the invasion claimed the lives of more than 9,000 soldiers. The average age of those soldiers? 24!

In the jungles of Vietnam, the average age of front-line soldiers was 22.

These young men, like Sgt. Perry and thousands of other men and women, are patriots. When duty called, they answered. For them, serving in the military is an honor and a privilege. They chose not to hide from the atrocities that were threatening America. Instead, they opted to meet danger head-on. They sacrificed their lives to save their neighbors and change the world.

Today, millennials are not sacrificing anything, but they are demanding everything. They want free education and healthcare, $15/hr to work at McDonald’s, and participation trophies. Most of all, they just want their way, no matter the cost.

Protectors of Freedom

Liberal “progress” has led to our military being viewed as the enemy of opportunity, rather than as protectors of freedom and democracy.  The leftist groupthink mentality is eroding common sense. And, their lack of empathy for the sacrifices of others has them booing a grieving family whose child gave his last full measure of devotion — for them.

What they do not understand is that each man and woman who gave their life in service of their country, like those still fighting today, have done so to protect Americans from those who wish to destroy them. The same tyrants and despots they are heralding as heroes. Maybe they simply do not care, because it’s easy to feel distanced when it isn’t you or your loved one on the front line.

President-elect Trump knows that restoring respect and admiration for our military is crucial to improving our country. We cannot survive as a society that strives for first-class lives that are driven by economy-class principles. We owe a debt of gratitude to our soldiers that can never be repaid. But that should never stop us from trying.