WOW: DHS Reveals Shockingly Good Way They’ll Increase Border Security…


Border Patrol To Use Drones Like Military

CIA Drone | Photo Credit Wired

Customs and Border Protection is on a mission to help border patrol agents survey quicker and more frequently than ever. With the aid of drones, these agents will be able to survey the border without being in harm’s way.

In addition to being able to work from afar, they will also be able to arrive as needed to areas where illegals are crossing, instead of having to basically “guess,” by simply riding up and down the border.

Homeland Security Working With Silicon Valley

CIA Drone | Photo Credit Wired

Fox News reports:

“Homeland Security is teaming up with some of the sharpest minds in Silicon Valley to develop more surveillance drones.”

“The government has been using drones for many years. In fact, today, the Air Force trains more drone operators than traditional pilots. Now, a new initiative hopes to speed up the procurement process for smaller drones, saving time, money and lives.”

Reuters reports:

“The Border Patrol has been doubling down on a “virtual wall” of drones, blimps and tower-mounted cameras, an approach that has produced mixed results. The bulk of the CBP’s current $447 million annual budget for fencing, infrastructure, and technology goes toward surveillance towers, unmanned aircrafts, retired military blimps, and other advanced technological equipment.”

Creating The Great Virtual Wall

Border Wall | Photo Credit Getty Images

According to the tech website, Gizmodo:

“Last year, I (contributor Matt Novak) looked at the first attempts made by the United States to build a “virtual wall” in the 1970s. The technology that was installed was developed by the US military and included drones and electronic sensors used in the Vietnam War.

“They were primitive in the 1970s, but by the 1990s, the technology to build the “virtual wall” was really coming into its own. 2005 photo showing a Southern California border monitoring station (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi) The situation today is practically identical to that of the 1970s. According to Reuters, much of the tech that’s being used along the border in 2016 is coming from US military surplus.”

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