Bundy Brothers Found Not Guilty For Oregon Militia Standoff Conspiracy

Bundy Brothers | Photo Credit RT.com

Ammon and Ryan Bundy were found not guilty of charges in regards to conspiring against the government. Most were surprised to hear of this verdict, based on the high-profile Oregon standoff trial in regards to public lands for ranchers.

The decision was revealed in federal court in Portland, which was a cheap shot for the U.S. government, who had tried to prosecute the rightwing activities. The group led an armed takeover of public property with the intent to protect land regulations.

The Bundy brothers, among others, were acquitted on serious charges. The day before, a juror was released due to bias… 

Family Reaction To Acquittal

Bundy Brothers | Photo Credit OPB

Angie Bundy, who is married to Ryan Bundy, only confirmed that she and her husband were very excited to hear the results. “We’ve been praying hard, and we knew they hadn’t done anything wrong.”

Federal officials were “extremely disappointed,” but decided to simply accept the decision rather than try and continue to fight. “We respect the court and the role of the jury in the American judicial system,” said Greg Bretzing, FBI special agent.

It’s important to note that this wasn’t the first incident that occurred.

In 2014, Cliven Bundy led an armed standoff, along with hundreds of supporters, to try and fight having to pay grazing taxes. Cliven has stated that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management had no right to restrict the use of unrestricted lands.

What Led To A Death?

Finicum and Bundy Brothers | Photo Credit Esquire

Then, when two Harney County ranchers were prosecuted for arson, Ryan and Ammon organized and led a group to occupy the Malheur national wildlife refuge, which is a bird sanctuary.

These protestors—some of which were armed—said they would hold the area and take over government buildings until the ranchers were freed and the refuge land was given back to the locals in the area. This lasted for a grueling 41 days until police finally carried about multiple arrests, and killed LaVoy Finicum.

The prosecutors charged the Bundy brothers and another 24 defendants with conspiracy to impede officers with force, along with initiating threats, and firearm possession charges as well as public property theft.

Ammon’s attorney won by concluding that the defendants were leading a peaceful demonstration and speaking for their rights within the law.

Do you think there was foul playing involved with this murder?

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