Ivanka Visited This Connecticut School, Look What The Parents Did Immediately

Washington State schools teach transgenderism to Kindergartners. | Photo credit Christian Post

Progressive parents don’t mind their children learning about transgenderism in kindergarten. Attacks on Christianity and patriotism aren’t a problem for them either. But, there is something that does trigger the outrage of some Connecticut parents- a visit from first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka made an unannounced to visit to the Norwalk Early College Academy at Norwalk High School in Connecticut on Monday. NECA is a cutting-edge program created by IBM, that allows students to earn both a high school diploma and an A.A. in Software Engineering. IBM CEO Ginny Rometty joined the first daughter to tour the academy.

During her visit, Ivanka discussed the importance of offering career education opportunities in public schools. “To see the passion and enthusiasm for bringing real life skills into a classroom environment but then coupling it with real life experience through internship creates this really beautiful virtuous angle,” she said

The visit was understandably hush-hush for security purposes. However, parents who oppose President Trump were angry they weren’t informed ahead of time. “This should have been brought to our attention,” parent Karey Fitzgerald told News 12. “I think we should have had the choice to send our child to school or keep them home.”

Faux Outrage

Ivanka Trump Connectcut
First Daughter Ivanka Trump visited the Norwalk Academy in Norwalk, Connecticut. | Photo credit NY Daily News

According to details from News 12, the “outrage” is purely for the sake of entertainment. The school did provide parents some information about the surprise visit because several chose to pull their child from classes ahead of time. Others, picked-up their students shortly after Ivanka departed. 

This is another example of what happens when political views dictate the structure of public education. Schools no longer teach students the real-world skills necessary to be productive members of society. And some parents are obviously teaching their kids that they shouldn’t have to deal with ideas and people they don’t like.

Nonetheless, the complaints didn’t disturb the first daughter in the slightest. Ivanka shared news of her visit on Twitter, reiterating the importance of students having access to programs like NECA in public schools.

“Great visit to Norwalk Early College Academy today with @IBM CEO @ginnyrometty,” Ivanka tweeted.  “PTECH schools equip high school students with skills training in #STEM & Computer Science, enabling them to thrive in our modern economy. It was an honor to meet so many bright and talented students!”.