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It’s like Christmas all over again. Lawmakers are officially looking into the unscrupulous dealings of George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation.” The focus of what is likely to be the first of many investigations is his involvement in European elections.

According to Fox News, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the one calling attention to Soros’ meddling in the election process in Macedonia. Macedonia is a small, conservative-led country, in danger of falling victim to what Orban calls “the Soros empire.”

PM Orban has also accused Soros of using “tons of money and international heavy artillery” to sway the voters. The primary concern of Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ) is that U.S. dollars are being funneled to Soros’ projects in the region.

Reports indicate that the U.S. Embassy, headed by Obama appointee Jess Bailey, is intentionally taking sides in party politics. It is well-known amongst conservatives that Soros is an arm of…

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  • Hubie337

    People like Soros and Jon Corzine simply buy their own justice, which is none.

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