3Communists Send Message Of Chilling Plan To “Overthrow U.S.” Before Inauguration Day.

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

It’s time to be on high alert. 

An organization called Refuse Fascism intends to stop the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. The group refers to the Trump cabinet as a “fascist regime” that must be stopped before they take power.

They feel Trump plans to “move forcefully to implement its fascist program” so they wish to attack before the inauguration so the President-elect cannot “take the reins of government.”

That’s right; this organization is promoting treason against the citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America by…


Brock Swinson

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  • GR8one

    ALERT: Security Will Be On High Alert As Communist Group Reveals Chilling Inauguration Plans… I thought for sure that you meant the DNC!!

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