DISGUSTING: Comedian Eddie Griffin Urges His Audience To “Assassinate” Trump…


Kill the President

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Popular comedian, Eddie Griffin, performed in Dallas, TX on February 10th. before a crowd of 15,000. And according to radio host and CNN conservative commentator, Ben Ferguson, the show was anything but funny.

During his performance, Griffin immediately went into an anti-Trump skit in which he urged audience members to assassinate President Trump:

“Do your historic duty. You guys assassinated JFK. Next time he comes to Dallas, stick him in a convertible, drive him by the grassy knoll, get the rednecks out to the grassy knoll.  Y’all took out one president, you need to take out another.”

Griffin is joined on “The Comedy Get Down Tour” by comedians, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez, and Charlie Murphy. Other performers set their sights on First Lady, Melania Trump, calling her a “street whore” and a “prostitute”, according to The Blaze

Obviously, a big question surrounding this controversy is why is the…

Mainstream Media Silent?

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Ferguson secretly recorded the video of Griffin’s tirade on Facebook Live, but the video has since been taken down by Facebook admin. As most FB users know, Live videos are not saved on the user’s cellphone like traditional videos are.

Rather than report on what Griffin said during his performance, liberal media is focusing on the fact that there is no video. Headlines like “So Where is the Video?” permeate sites such as The Inquistr.

Ferguson has said that he received a notice from FB stating that the video was removed for violating “community standards”. And if you believe that they enforce these standards, that seems like a reasonable explanation on the surface.

But, considering they allowed the sick torture of a disabled Trump supporter to be sent out “live”-that is a hard pill to swallow. More than likely, the video was removed because FB has a history of protecting the left while targeting conservatives.

Leftists have also questioned why no other videos of the incident exist- if it really happened. Could it possibly be because the audience was full of “A-list” celebrities and liberal journalists?

It is not yet known if the Secret Service will investigate.

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