CNN Exploits Suspected Drunk Former Trump Campaign Aide on Live TV

Nunberg smelled of alcohol during his interview with CNN. | Photo credit NY Daily News

There is nothing left-wing media won’t do to back-up their claims that Trump colluded with Russia, including exploiting someone that is clearly not well. CNN interviewed ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg despite the fact he was drinking.   

On Monday, news broke that Nunberg is refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by Robert Mueller. Shortly after, Nunberg started making the rounds on several cable news networks. His afternoon started with a phone interview on MSNBC.

Speaking to Katy Tur, Nunberg called the subpoena asking for emails he exchanged with friend and mentor Roger Stone, “ridiculous.” “Roger is my mentor,” he said. “Roger is like family to me. I’m not going to do it.”

Near the end of the interview, Nunberg speculated that Trump may have done something wrong during the election. When Tur pressed him to elaborate, he responded: “but I don’t know for that sure.”

Unfortunately, that non-bombshell “bombshell” started a liberal media firestorm that Nunberg continued to fuel. Becoming increasingly unhinged as the day went on, some believed he was having a mental breakdown.

Evidence of his deteriorating mental state came during his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Nunberg suggested to Tapper, that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had an affair with outgoing Communications Director Hope Hicks.

He then slammed Trump again, blaming the president for his mounting legal debt. “I’m spending a lot of money on legal fees, a lot of other people are,” he said. “Granted Donald Trump caused this, because he’s an idiot.”

The Final Meltdown

Sam Nunberg
Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg dares Robert Mueller to arrest him. | Photo credit CBC

Sadly, the end of his meltdown came in his third CNN interview of the day with Erin Burnett. She began her questioning, by asking Nunberg to respond to allegations that he was “drunk or off [his] meds.”

Of course, the CNN host already knew the answer because she could smell the booze. “Talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath,” Burnett said. But, she waited until the end of their hour-long interview to mention it.

While the former aide’s motives for trash talking Trump are unclear, CNN made their intentions painfully obvious. They simply don’t care who they victimize for a story, as long as they bring in the ratings.