Anthony Bourdain says he would serve President Trump hemlockPhoto credit | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Would you accept an invitation to dine with President Trump? You wouldn’t if you were CNN celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain. Not only would Bourdain not dine with the president but if given a chance he would poison his food. Now, the famous chef’s comments have people wondering if the Secret Service will be visiting him.

Bourdain currently hosts a travel and food show, Parts Unknown, on CNN. Catching him outside LAX last week, a TMZ photographer began asking him about current events. Bourdain was asked if he would do a cooking show in North Korea. Responding that everyone is “starving over there,” he says there is no reason to go there.

Additionally, Bourdain refers to the North’s oppressive ruler Kim Jong-Un calling him a “chubby, evil little f**k.” After sharing his opinion of Kim, the conversation turns to President Trump. The meeting went downhill when the photographer asks Bourdain what he would serve if asked to cater a meal for President Trump.

Bourdain answers with just one word, Hemlock. For those who don’t know, Hemlock is extremely poisonous. The United States Department of Agriculture website describes the plant saying:

“Poison-hemlock grows throughout the United States. It is very toxic, and sheep, cattle, swine, horses, and other domestic animals are poisoned by eating small amounts of green or dried plant. It is also extremely poisonous to humans.”

Tasteless Comments

Bourdain would serve President Trump hemlockPhoto credit | Mother Nature Network

Sadly, this is not the award-winning chef’s first distasteful remarks about the president. In a 2016 interview with The Wrap, Bourdain said he would never share a meal with Trump. Calling him “loathsome,” he says he knows the native New Yorker well.  “We know him well here,” he said. “We have seen how he treats the people he does business with.”

Does Bourdain consider poisoning the food of someone he doesn’t like, to be evidence of treating people well? 

Suffice it to say, Bourdain’s remarks place him on the long of list of politicians and celebrities threatening President Trump. A list that no doubt takes up the valuable time and resources of Secret Service investigators. His comments are also proof that even though liberals play well together, they don’t learn from each other.

Maybe he should dine with Kathy Griffin?


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