Recent health issues with Hillary Clinton caused her to leave the 9/11 commemoration before the ceremonies ended. Apparently, Clinton has recently been diagnosed with pneumonia. The recent illness has caused a halt in the progress of Hillary’s entire campaign in the last few days. She’s reluctantly acknowledged being diagnosed with the illness. If the sickness develops, could this throw a wrench in the cog of her campaign permanently? With less than 3 months left, this could be a detrimental time to come down with such a hard to break illness like pneumonia.

Clinton Whisked Away from 9/11 Commemoration, Can She Lead?

Clinton Whisked Away from 9/11 CommemorationMany speculations about Clinton’s failing health as of recent were made. Some people speculated Parkinson’s Disease while others suspected she’s suffering from dementia and seizures. Dementia would explain a lot of her actions and statements made recently, but it turns out it’s pneumonia instead. Conspiracy theorists across the country took the opportunity to throw a lot of speculations around her debilitating illness.

Hillary brushed off the speculations, but has admitted the symptoms are progressing. Does this mean she will be out of the spotlight while she recovers? If she couldn’t stand long enough for the 9/11 commemoration, how is she going to have the energy needed to finish off the presidential race, especially if the symptoms are progressing?

Apparently the sickness has weakened her to the point of affecting her strength and mobility. The public watched at the 9/11 commemoration as she stumbled off a curb with buckled knees and the lost a shoe just before being whisked away early yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for Hilary, Nick Merrill said Hillary felt overheated at the ceremony, and was forced to leave early where she recuperated at Chelsea’s apartment. Could this be a sign of what’s to come if she wins the race? Will she be spending the first part of her term if she was to win in recovery from pneumonia? At such a troubled time for the country, it’s not ideal our president be ill for any length of time.

And since Hillary turns 69 next month, this could be the first of health concerns for the presidential nominee. Reports have indicated she is feeling much better now after the rest at her daughter’s apartment, whether her health last or not remains to be seen. Her physician backed the story by releasing a statement in regards to Mrs. Clinton’s health. She claimed Hillary was diagnosed with the illness Friday after a coughing spell caused by allergies.

Clinton has now been placed on antibiotics to combat the illness. Her campaign has also been adjusted to allow her more time to rest. With the time being so close to the elections, and the polls running so closely with Trump, the illness could cause her to lose the race.

Pneumonia was one of the leading causes of death before antibiotics were available. It still can be fatal in young children, people with poor health and the elderly. Trump who is a year older then Hillary was heard to say, “She lacks the mental and physical stamina.”

This is by no means the first time Hillary has had a health scare. In 2012, she suffered from a concussion and had a blood clot in her brain that was removed. The concussion caused her to suffer from double vision. Her behavior patterns where noticeably different after suffering from the concussion.

Clinton Whisked Away from 9/11 Commemoration, It’s Not the First Time She’s Been Sick

Clinton Whisked Away from 9/11 CommemorationHillary was seen stumbling on some stairs and had to be helped. She then avoided all contact with press to hide the issues. After that she suffered from extended periods of coughing fits on Labor Day and was unable to attend any press conferences for nine months. Radio host Dr. Drew was heard to say the concussion has caused her brain damaged, claiming that is the only was the double vision could be explained.

Another medical professional, Dr. Ted Noel, supported the speculations that Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. He stated she is suffering from a deep neurological disorder and that is why she is seen to have such bizarre mannerisms and behaviors. His guess is she’s known about the disorder for some time and has been hiding it from the public to keep people secure in her ability to lead. 

There have also been other comments in opposition to the claims that Hillary suffers from Parkinson’s. Dr. Stanley Fisher, a neurologist believes she isn’t suffering from Parkinson’s but stated the following in regards to her not having the disease, “But it doesn’t mean she is healthy. That I want to make clear.”

It seems clear that something is going on with Mrs. Clinton. My question is this, can we afford to have a president who could be suffering from possible neurological problems? How can she be trusted to make accurate decisions regarding the safety of our country if she is health concerns related to her brain? This is not the time for us to have a weak president in office. It’s time for someone strong, resilient and able to make choices with a healthy functioning mind. What are your thoughts on the subject? Comment below, the ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ to spread the word about Hillary’s health issues.


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