Trump Orders All Of Obama’s Diplomats Home Day One

Donald Trump | Photo Credit ABC News The New York Times reported that Donald Trump has ordered every Obama-appointed diplomat home immediately following the inauguration.

The Department of State sent the message to these diplomats nationwide so they would know about the break on December 23, 2016. The report said that past administrations usually allowed for diplomats to stay while a replacement was being found.

Trump, on the other hand, made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone who was politically appointed from the outgoing president to serve under him. This isn’t a move of “ill will,” but instead, the new administration wants to make sure appointments made from political donations end “on schedule.”

Key diplomatic posts in Germany, Canada, and Great Britain may be left empty temporarily as new members are selected…

Trump Continues Unprecedented Changes

Donald Trump | Photo Credit ABC News

Former ambassador Ronald Newmann told the Times, “When you have people out there whose only reason for being an ambassador is their political connection to the outgoing president of the different party, it’s pretty logical to say they should leave. But I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just,

“Everybody out of the pool immediately.”

Isn’t it entertaining how people are continually surprised by Donald Trump’s actions? Yes, he’s doing things differently, but that’s the whole point. There’s no room for continued mistakes, weak moves in government, or allowing weak people to make decisions based on political ties.


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