What Happened After Atheists Tried To Shut Down THIS Game Day Prayer Will Make You Smile

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Coach John Small joins the East Coweta High School football team in prayer | Screenshot FFRF via The Christian Post

The “Freedom From Religion Foundation” is well-known for their anti-Christian beliefs. They go around the country, picking fights over issues like prayer in sports.  They’re part of the reason the U.S. is now deemed one of the worst places for Christians.

In a press release, FFRF announced they had received a report from a “concerned community member” in Sharpsburg, Georgia. The problem, said the release, was that Coach Jon Small was praying with his football players at East Coweta High School.

On October 25, the group sent a letter to the Coweta County School System, warning them the coach was breaking the law. They noted it is unconstitutional for any public-school coach to “further personal religious beliefs by leading their teams in prayer.”

Responding to the threat from FFRF, the district sent a memo to principals:

“Representatives of the school cannot participate in any student initiated/student-led prayer or other worship while acting in their official capacity. For instance, they cannot join hands, bow their heads, take a knee or commit another act that otherwise manifests approval with the students’ religious exercise, at least where it would be perceived by a reasonable observer to display government endorsement of religion.”

However, one day after hearing about the memo, students and the community responded in epic fashion. Instead of bowing to the demands of atheists, hundreds of students joined players to pray before the game.

The Power of Faith

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Prayer explodes at Georgia high school in response to FFRF demands to stop. | Photo credit WAGA-TV

“Our students have done a great job and our students took it upon themselves to organize a prayer with our students in the stands before the game,” Small told the Christian Post. “Instead of it being 100 players praying, it turned into 400 students praying. 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is also stepping up. FCA plans to hold a community prayer rally at the stadium on Thanksgiving.  Ron Brass, an FCA director in the Atlanta area, agrees with Coach Small that it’s “a spiritual war.”

“[Circumstances] forces, in some ways, our kids to step into that leadership role and take the movement of Christ and carry that banner forward themselves, he told The Post. “Part of the beauty of this whole thing is that the kids are stepping up and leading.”