2Taxpayer-Funded Benefits

Photo Credit: freeviralnews.com

One of the biggest drawbacks of illegal immigration is the enormous financial burden it places on hard-working Americans. It’s a problem that liberal politicians have cared very little about, largely because it isn’t their money they are spending. Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is no exception and his new plan will cost Chicagoans $1 million in the first year.

From Breitbart:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has moved forward with plans for a Chicago-only identification card specifically designed to ensure illegal aliens in the city can receive welfare benefits with minimal risk of repatriation. The new program was unveiled at a Chicago City Council meeting on Wednesday, and it protects illegal aliens from federal oversight by not collecting any copies of identification documents presented when illegals apply for the identification card.

Emanuel has been one of the most outspoken critics of President Trump’s immigration and sanctuary policies. He has often publicly refused to follow federal immigration laws, despite taking billions of federal dollars earmarked for enforcement efforts. His “Municipal ID” plan is just another in a long line of actions he has taken to defy the president.

Interestingly, President Trump wanted a provision in his executive order on immigration that illegally receiving welfare would be…