Cheryl Mills Gets Limited Immunity, Hillary Likely to Get Off the Hook

Cheryl Mills Gets Limited Immunity, Hillary Likely to Get Off the Hook

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-02

Director of the FBI, James B. Comey, spoke last Tuesday about his agency nearing set deadlines for the investigation of Hillary’s emails. Cheryl Mills, one of Hilary’s aids, had to be given limited immunity in order to look at Hillary’s emails. The investigation is hopefully soon coming to a conclusion.

Early this year, Mills sat in as Clinton’s attorney while FBI agents interviewed Clinton. That isn’t a normal procedure according to Mills. According to the investigation that’s taken place, Clinton hasn’t broken any laws to date. She has handled classified data, but the information she has mishandled is top-secret information that will most likely be left out of the case.

They reported on the Washington Times that there simply isn’t enough evidence to justify accusing her of violating any statutes. They did say that was in respect of classified information. Does that mean, because of top secret documentation, Hillary may have broken laws but will be let of the hook. Seems a bit convenient with the elections coming up. This information was relayed by Mr. Comey to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

What Happened With Hillary’s Emails?

Comey will be located on Capitol Hill again Wednesday in order to testify. The House will question him on the investigations findings into the data located within emails most likely. They will also likely want to know how much the leaked information effected the national security of the country. More so, why did Comey decide to clear Clinton of the criminal wrong doings after she was found guilty of having a private email server at her home? And the server was 100% confirmed to contain highly classified information on it.

The questions go on and on. Why are so many of Hillary’s staff being given immunity? Are they afraid of retribution if they testify? Tech people, staff agents, and many others are simply being let go for whatever reason. Many of them likely have information that can turn the events and decision of the case.

Cheryl Mills Gets Limited Immunity, Hillary Likely to Get Off the HookIt’s next to impossible to fully examine and prosecute a case whose majority of key witnesses are put into immunity status. I wonder how deep down the rabbit hole the answer to why they’re doing this goes? It’s like everyone is winning the immunity lottery so Hillary’s mistakes can be swept under the rug one more time. It’s just opinion, but more information will likely be leaked after the elections in November.

Once again, let’s point out how strange it is that Mills was Hillary’s attorney during FBI questioning. Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University said clearly, that it was particularly odd Mills served as her attorney during questioning. He also added that of all the people who served under Hillary, Mills was the least likely to receive immunity.

Will Hillary Go to Prison?

He also pointed out that the immunity deals really showed how much effort they were willing to put in to pursue the case. Mills was Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department. When Hillary finally agreed to turn in her emails, Mills was appointed attorney to make the final decision which emails should be turned in and which should be withheld. Why would they even consider appointing her attorney? I’m not a legal adviser by any means, but it seems rather strange. And as it turns out, none of the emails turned in, held any incriminating evidence against the former secretary of state.

Basically, nothing that was given to the FBI could be used to build a case against Hillary because of Mills active production immunity. Hillary will likely not go to prison. It’s too bad it turned out like this; there was likely information on the laptop that would have incriminated Hillary and kept her out of office for good.

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