Little Girl Goes To See Santa With A Wish He Can’t “Grant” Until…

Christmas Trump America
A Bass Pro Shop Santa Claus in Oklahoma showed a young girl the meaning of Christmas. | Photo credit Bass Pro Shop

It is the season to be jolly and kind, although someone forgot to tell certain leftists that news. To hear them tell it, there is no joy or kindness in President Trump’s America. But, a now viral video depicting a sweet Christmas moment is proving that narrative to be just “bah humbug.”

A father in Oklahoma took his daughter to see Santa Claus at the local Bass Pro Shop. Rather than asking for toys like most children do, Taylor Dane had a different request. You see, Taylor’s cousin Ashley has leukemia.

So, instead of asking for Barbie or a bicycle, the little girl asked Santa to cure her cousin from cancer. Despite long lines and big crowds, St. Nick to the time to consider Taylor’s request.

What happened next, amazed dad Steve even more than his daughter’s loving Christmas wish. In a gentle yet honest exchange with the child, “Santa” told Taylor that he couldn’t heal Ashley’s cancer. Afterwards, he didn’t just rush Taylor back to her dad.

Instead, Santa showed the young child who could bring healing to her sick cousin. To everyone’s amazement, Santa bowed his head and prayed with Taylor right there in the crowded Bass Pro Shop:

“Father God I come to you right now and lift up Ashley. Lord I know leukemia is a formidable disease, but I also know that you are the Great Physician and you can heal. And just I pray right now you will begin the healing process in Ashley. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Naturally, Steve wanted to share the beautiful moment. He subsequently posted the video on his Facebook page along with a short message.  “I am a big tough guy but there I stood in my favorite store – Bass Pro Shop – crying like a baby,” Steve wrote. “Thank you, Santa for showing my family and everyone there what Christmas is really about.”

This is what Trump’s America really looks like. 

 Grab a tissue and watch the precious moment:

Posted by Steve Dane on Wednesday, December 20, 2017