Who is Deplorable? James Allsup. Photo Credit: zerohedge.com

Inauguration day is finally here. And the protests have begun. The Deploraball was held at the National Press Club last night and chaos ensued outside the event.


The #J20 group showed up as promised. Protesters chased and assaulted attendees and shouted profanities.

According to Fox News, a visitor from Seattle had his head gashed open by a violent protestor. 21-year old James Allsup was wearing his “Make America Great Again Hat” when “a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole.”

The Deploraball, a name derived from Clinton’s reference to Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” was meant to be a time of celebration. Organized by MAGA3X, the event invited close to 1,000 people to come together for an enjoyable evening.

But it was the act of one person, in particular, that was very disturbing to see…

“Screw Our President”

Photo Credit: Twitter/@lacymacauley

These words would not be shocking coming from an adult. Disgusting maybe, but not shocking given the divisive climate of our country. But they didn’t come from an adult. Not directly at least.

They came from a child.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was covering the protests when he saw signs and American flags being burned. When he approached the protestors, it was a boy that stepped-up.

When asked by Jenkins about the fires he happily declared “My name’s Connor and I actually kinda started this fire.” But it was the boy’s response to why he started the fire that is truly upsetting.

“Because I wanted to and because I’m saying, screw our president!” said Connor.

At one time, it would’ve been unthinkable to see a child being brought to such a violent protest. A time that was B.O.-Before Obama. But this is the legacy he is leaving behind.

Parents sending their child to do their “dirty work.” Where useful debate has been replaced by violent dissent.

Police lined the streets as protestors used mace and threw bottles at anyone who looked like a Trump supporter.

Tolerant indeed.



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