For the second part of Celebrities for Trump series, here are five more celebrities who expressed support to President-elect Donald Trump, during the campaign.

Some of these celebrities for Trump endorsed and rooted for him even before being chosen as his party’s official candidate.

Loretta Lynn

Celebrities for Trump # 6: Loretta LynSource:

Country singer Loretta Lynn, famous for penning and recording hits like “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “The Pill” and “Rated X,” said earlier this year that she’s rooting for Donald Trump.

She said she has been campaigning for then Republican candidate Trump since last year — even before Trump was declared the party’s official presidential candidate. And her audiences respond warmly to her cheers for the business tycoon.

“I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around,” she told Reuters, but added she had no plans to try to contact Trump herself. “I’m going to let him call me.”

Kid Rock

Celebrities for Trump # 7: Kid RockSource:

Another celebrity who has supported Trump, even before being chosen as his party’s official candidate, is Kid Rock.

He said in an interview that one of the reasons he’s supporting Trump is because the President-elect is the only one who might share his comfort with the self-designation, “American Bad-ass.”

He also expressed that it will be good to let a “business guy” run the nation like a business.

“Let the business guy in there. It’s not really working too well running it not like a business. I mean, what business survives when they’re broke?” he also told Rolling Stone.

Scott Baio

Celebrities for Trump #8: Scott BaioSource:

Scott Baio, who played “Chachi” from Happy Days, was also one of the personalities who expressed his support to Trump during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Baio spoke under a banner reading “Make America Safe Again,” and said that Hillary Clinton was “a woman who somehow feels entitled to the presidency.”

“I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to talk about a man I trust with the lives of my family and the health of our country — America — the greatest country God created,” the actor said during his speech.

He added that being an American means “sacrificing, winning, losing, failing, succeeding. Sometimes doing things you don’t want to do, including the hard work… in order to get where you want to be.”

Dennis Rodman

Celebrities for Trump #9: Dennis RodmanSource: Getty Images

NBA hall-of-famer Dennis Rodman, a recognized celebrity advocating international diplomacy, expressed his support for Trump in a tweet earlier this year.

“@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for many years. We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016,” the tweet reads.

Trump responded by retweeting Rodman and adding, “Thank you @DennisRodman. It’s time to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! I hope you are doing well!”

Wayne Newton

Celebrities for Trump #10: Wayne NewtonSource:

Wayne Newton expressed his support for President-elect Trump during the election, in an interview by saying, “I think we need someone of Donald’s integrity, his business sense, his ability to negotiate, and to really deal with the important things that matter to this country like the economy, like immigration, and like healthcare.”

He also said that he feels like a personal victim of the Obama administration.

He further stated, “We’re not the country that people respect, fear, want on their side anymore, because I don’t even know what it means to lead from behind.”

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