California Wants To Take, But Not Support

President Trump | Photo Credit Breitbart

Despite refusing to follow through with President Trump’s immigration orders, California remains eager to get going on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Officials revealed a list of projects that will need $100 billion in federal funds.

The Governor’s secretary, Nancy McFadden wrote a letter that said, “In the short-term, these projects will benefit businesses up and down the state and put thousands to work — many in communities with the highest rates of unemployment.”

Among other things, some of these infrastructure projects include bridges, roads, levees, ports and public transportation.

Long-Term, Long-Lasting Improvements

405 | Photo Credit Interstate Guide

California Democrats are against Trump’s immigration policies, but state officials are praising his infrastructure proposal to repair roads and bridges across the nation. The investment will have long-term benefits.

McFadden also went on to say, “Long-term, this investment will have lasting, expansive economic benefits by moving goods and people faster, protecting vulnerable communities from flooding, bolstering emergency response capabilities, saving and storing more water and improving energy reliability.”

Presently, it’s unclear if the state will receive these funds based on their reactions to the new immigration policies.

Trump’s Promises And California’s Plans

710 Freeway | Photo Credit LA Times

During Trump’s inauguration, he said, “We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation,” which may include future plans with entrepreneur Elon Musk.

California’s investment plan is supposed to be a 10-year investment. The Golden State is working on legislation to make sure there will be a sustainable funding stream that will continue to support future improvements.

Some of these proposed priority projects include widening 710 Freeway, strengthening the Otay Mesa Mexican border, creating 16 miles of corridors along the 405, replacing the Gerald Desmond Bridge, and replace the Metro rail fleet.

Do you think Trump should provide funds to those who do not support him?


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  • BillAz

    California wants to be a sanctuary State, so let them pay for their own problems, I don’t plan on traveling to or in California for any reason. Let the ones being offered sanctuary by the State of California, pay the bill for the infrastructure needs.

    • Beverly Sizemore

      100 % agree

    • Eric Bolt

      True-! Bu t Trump is now backing away from this, like 9/11 only going after those who just jumped the Boarder to get his casino

  • Charlotte Maier

    California had got the money to fix the Dam years ago. Gov. Brown knew about the problem with the Dam before 2008. He used it for illegals. The hollywood elite wants them all there, let them pay for it. We the tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for it twice

  • Mary Muna

    Its not about whether they support Trump…he will be out of office before the work is done..but why does CA who cause so much grief…get larger proportions of funding than other States that at least try to work on the illegal immigration problem and enforcement of our immigration rules. CA will continue hiring them to do the road construction and we all know it..Through subcontracting “minority” owned Hispanic companies and others.

  • jack61

    Trump… don’t give CA one red penny!!! CA doesn’t support your illegal alien immigration plan… let CA fare for themselves. What part of this people don’t understand??? If your an illegal alien with a criminal record, you get deported. Trump is going after the criminal ones… so you California people want criminals walking your streets??? How stupid is that!!!

  • Deborah Rismoen Carroll

    Don’t give them any money! As a taxpayer I do not want to support their Illegal immigration policies and repair their roads so they can have more illegal immigrants destroy them and provide more jobs for illegal immigrants, no, no, no! why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for a sanctuary state? ?

  • Rose

    Californians have not been supportive of President Trump. They deserve NOTHING. Governor Brown has not been supportive and has been against our President and now he comes crying for money. He has been supporting all these illegals and given so much money away to them. He certainly hasn’t helped any by supporting sanctuary cities. I wish Mr. President wouldn’t help them, but I don’t think he has the heart to do that after what’s happened with the floodings. Then again perhaps the idiots who voted for the witch will realize that our President is not as bad as people have painted him to be. Governor Brown should have called HILLARY, “The wicked witch of the North” to fork out the money since California was all for her, call Hillary for help now!

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