Guess What Happened When Stockton, California Students Protested For Gun Control?

Stockton, California gun control protest
Student protesters injured s Stockton police officer after taking his baton. | Photo credit KRCA

There is nothing that screams “we children deserve to be safe” like violence towards police officers and innocent citizens. It just so happens, that is exactly what happened when high school students in Stockton, California decided to protest for gun control.

Last Friday, hundreds of students from five Stockton area high schools staged a walkout to allegedly demand action on gun violence. We use the word “allegedly” because their actions failed to match up with their stated purpose. Although what else should we expect from budding liberal agitators, right?

Soon after the walkout began, the scene turned into mayhem. Some teenagers were hopping fences to leave school property, while others blocked traffic on nearby roads. As local police officers tried to calm the situation (and protect students), the protest turned violent.

Students threw rocks and other objects at police cruisers and damaged the vehicles of private citizens. College student Casita Jones, trying to make her way to classes, had her rear window shattered. At least one officer was injured in the chaos. 

Speaking to Action News Now, student Hayley Wolfe said the walkout was important. “This is a very important thing to me and to all of us. Yeah, it wasn’t in Stockton, but there has [sic] been shootings in Stockton just like the Cleveland shooting. This is important to every school,” she said.

Yes, so important that they were disrespecting the police who will protect them if a shooting were to happen.

The Outcome

gun control protest
More than 100 Stockton, California high school students turned violent while protesting for gun control. | Photo credit KRCA

All-in-all, Stockton police arrested five students in connection with the walkout. Their charges include battery on an officer, resisting arrest, taking an officer’s baton, and vandalizing vehicles. But since this is California we suspect nothing significant will come of the charges.

Which, by the way, is part of the problem. And it’s also the reason why adults, especially parents, should not be using kids to further their agendas, political or otherwise. While it is true that children today are dealing with some tough issues, that’s all the more reason to resist exploiting them.

Regardless, skipping school in protest of a complex issue such as gun control (and doing it with violence) serves no purpose. That is unless you count purpose as stroking the egos of parents and politicians, and skyrocketing ratings for the left-wing media.

In which case, their mission was successful.