New Shocking California Driver’s License Law Could Allow Illegal Immigrants To Vote

California Illegal immigrants vote
A new California law will potentially register illegal immigrants to vote. | Photo credit: Business Insider

It’s no secret that California wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. Though they didn’t get their wish in 2016, they’re doing everything possible to ensure that a Democrat wins next time around. The state is instituting a plan that could allow millions of illegal immigrants to vote.

On April 1, California will begin enforcing a court order that automatically registers driver’s license holders to vote. While a seemingly innocuous move on the surface, a deeper look clarifies the picture.

Back in 2015, the California New Motor Vehicle Act was signed into law. At the same time, the state implemented a policy to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. There are now more than one million additional drivers as a result of these policies.

More importantly, there are also one million more potential Democrat voters. The law now requires the California DMV to submit a list of active license holders to Secretary of State Alex Padilla. Every driver on that list, illegal or not, is automatically registered to vote.

The only way illegal immigrants won’t be on voter rolls, is if they opt-out at the DMV. How likely do you think they are do that? We highly doubt DMV workers are going to tell them about the option.

Naturally, Padilla vehemently denies that illegals will be voting. However, given that he is a vocal sanctuary proponent who claims that voter fraud doesn’t exist, it’s difficult to believe his denials. When you look at voter fraud statistics, it goes from difficult to impossible.

Voter Fraud in California

California Voter Fraud
The Election Integrity Project reported that voter fraud does exist in California.

In August of 2017, the Election Integrity Project of California released a report on voter fraud. Among other things, the EIPC revealed that 11 counties in the state had more registered voters, than it had citizens of legal voting age.

Knowing this, how can anyone believe that illegal immigrants won’t be voting in the 2018 mid-terms? Or the 2020 presidential race? Bull hockey. That is exactly what the “Golden State” wants.

If there is an ongoing attack happening on our democracy, California Democrats are responsible. Looks like this April Fool’s Day, the joke is on America. Although we’re guessing that very few people will be laughing.