Broward Deputy Who Hid During Parkland Shooting Collects Big Payday


Former Broward County deputy Scot Peterson hid outside while students and teachers were being gunned down at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Instead of firing him for his cowardice, Scott Israel allowed him to retire with full benefits. The amount of his pension is truly obscene. Broward Deputy Scot Peterson collects pension

Photo Credit | WPTV

You can’t put a price tag on human lives, especially the lives of children. Parkland student survivors turned anti-gun activists accuse conservative politicians and NRA supporters of doing that almost daily. What was the price they said FL Senator Marco Rubio placed on their lives?

That’s right, $1.35.

They, of course, don’t believe their own rhetoric, because if they did, then they should have a problem with Scot Peterson collecting a huge pension. After all, the Broward County deputy had the means, opportunity, and obligation to try and save their lives that fateful day.

However, he chose not to enter the building. According to Peterson, he didn’t enter because he thought the shooter was outside. That excuse doesn’t hold water since it’s hard to know what is happening when you’re hiding behind a stairwell. Not surprisingly, Sheriff Israel suspended Peterson after video surfaced of his non-actions.

Following the suspension, but before the official FDLE investigation started, Peterson resigned thereby ensuring his pension for 32-years of service would not be in jeopardy. So, while the families of victims deal with a lifetime of grief Peterson is enjoying the good life on his enormous pension.

How enormous? Well, let’s just say it’s more than enough to cause outrage 

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