Broward County Sheriff Just Launched New Special Fact-Checking Website



Scott Israel-Broward Country Sheriff
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel launched a new fact-checking website on Tuesday. | Photo credit Sun-Sentinel

Scott Israel, the Broward County Sheriff overseeing the investigation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, has a new website. The sheriff wants a place where the public and media can go to find the “facts” about his department’s response to the tragedy.

Seems he forgot that facts need to be, well, factual.

Launched on Tuesday,, is allegedly “setting the record straight” regarding the department’s response to the entire incident. “The following is intended to assist the public and media in receiving accurate information that does not obstruct the ongoing Parkland shooting investigation,” it says on the opening page.

While the site is by no means elaborate, the same cannot be said for Sheriff Israel’s attempts to make himself look good. Reading through the various claims and “facts,” it’s clear that truth is not a high priority.

For example, the first issue on the list addresses reports about prior contact between the Broward Country Sheriff and the shooter. More than few mainstream media sites, including CNN and Fox News, reported at least 20-30 calls to the shooter’s home.

Sheriff Israel is disputing that claim.

The Facts According to Israel

Sheriff Israel disputes claims that his office could have arrested the shooter before he killed 17 people. | Photo credit WPLG

“BSO investigators reviewed all the calls for service involving the shooter and his family. Of those calls, 18 involved the shooter directly,” they wrote. “Those previous calls did not equate to a crime being committed. There were no arrestable offenses, nor was there evidence to prompt an involuntary mental health assessment.

So, cutting your arms on Snapchat is not indicative of a mentally unstable person? How about putting a gun to your little brother’s head? Surely, posting that he “planned to shoot up a school” on Instagram was an arrestable offense. As you can see, there’s a few problems with the facts as Sheriff Israel sees them.

The website addresses several more claims, all of them with responses aimed at getting readers to conclude that the Broward County Sheriff and his department are squeaky clean. Our question is, why? Why is Scott Israel trying so hard to tell the “truth?”

The truth speaks for itself, doesn’t it?