Pop star Britney Spears just arrived in Israel and it’s caused a lot of commotion in the region.

This is Britney’s first visit to the country and some Israeli news outlets are describing the visit as a mob scene.

Britney Spears | Photo Credit Daily Mail According to reports, just being in the area has caused a mass of fans, press, and onlookers. The Western Wall is mainly accessible by foot, so despite having top notch security detail, Spears was swarmed.

Spears will soon play at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, where Justin Bieber and Aerosmith have just performed.

Britney Cancels Meeting With Prime Minister

Britney Spears | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Variety reports:

“There has also been some hubbub concerning a possible meeting with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Ynet, Spears canceled a supposed visit, but it has also been reported that the meeting was never confirmed, a belief which the PM’s office seemed to acknowledge. Ahead of the July 3 concert, Spears will visit with pediatric cancer patients.”

“Prior to her Israel expedition, Spears had spent the last few weeks performing in Asia as part of her Britney: Live in Concert tour.”

35-Year-Old Singer Mobbed By Adoring Fans

Britney Spears | Photo Credit Getty

The Daily Mail reports:

“The singer, 35, who is concluding her 11-date Asia tour on Monday, had to be escorted through the streets of Jerusalem by security as passers-by instantly recognized the Toxic hitmaker.

“The star arrived in Israel on Sunday morning and will play to thousands at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv on Monday night. It was the singer’s first visit to Israel and she appeared keen to visit some of the holy sites around the city.”

“The holy site was already filled with pilgrims and tourists, as many people travel to the wall to pray and slip notes through the cracks of the stone. Britney walked through some of the tunnels, which runs underneath the wall”

“In April, it was announced the Israeli Labour Party’s primary election would be postponed as it fell on the same date as Britney’s concert.”

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