BREAKING: Texas Governor Has Had ENOUGH… Now He’s Jailing Sherifs Who…


Sanctuary Cities

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As of early February, the Travis County, TX Sheriff’s department in Austin had denied 196 ICE detainer requests, resulting in the release of dozens of dangerous illegal immigrants. Of the inmates released by the department, 34 were convicted of violent crimes and another 14 with burglary or theft. 44 of the denied requests were for inmates originally detained by Homeland Security. Now, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has had enough.

From Newsmax:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tells Newsmax TV that the federal crackdown on sanctuary cities is a strong move in helping correct the nation’s illegal immigration problem, one he’s already implemented on the state level in Texas — and intends to toughen by signing legislation that could put sheriffs of sanctuary cities in jail.

Governor Abbott made the decision back in February, to defund Travis County for their continued refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials. His decision came shortly after President Trump announced that federal funds would be withheld from sanctuary cities. Abbott has been vocally supportive of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration and is one of the first governors to implement similar enforcement.

However, his legislation to jail sheriffs who fail to comply with the law is unprecedented and according to Abbott…

Necessary for Public Safety

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“Criminals who had been arrested for sexual assault, including sexual assault of a minor, compromising the safety of our fellow Texans. Let me tell you something. If a sheriff refuses to enforce the laws . . . they need to quit their job. If they don’t want to enforce the law, they should not be in law enforcement,” said Abbott

The new law would impose fines and/or jail time for any sheriff in Texas that refuses to honor ICE detainer requests. Abbott sees the irony in the fact the sheriffs could wind up behind bars themselves. Nevertheless, he made it very clear that nobody is above the law in Texas.

“America is a nation based upon the rule of law and these liberals who are abandoning the rule of law are compromising the safety and well-being of our fellow Americans and Texas and the Trump administration are not going to tolerate it.”




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