Anti-Trumpers Crash Trump Rally With Pepper Spray, But Get The SHOCK Of Their Lives When…


Times They Are A Changin’

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Anyone with real-life experience knows that some days you are the windshield and other days you are the bug. For quite some time now, the anti-trump movement has been the windshield–but on Saturday that changed.

For the second time several “Make America Great Again” rallies were held across the country. However, in Huntington Beach, CA things got nasty as anti-fascism protestors pepper-sprayed Trump supporters on the beach.

The LA Times reported on the violence:

Marchers and counter-protesters clashed Saturday at a Make America Great Again gathering in Huntington Beach after an anti-President Trump protester doused marchers with pepper spray. The anti-Trump protester, dressed in all black and wearing a mask, attacked an organizer of the event, Jennifer Sterling, and other members of the march with the irritant, causing a group of marchers to tackle the masked man, punching and kicking him.

The protestor regained his footing according to the report, but couldn’t get away because MAGA supporters gave chase with American flags in hand. He managed to jump over a fence near the Pacific Coast Highway where he was immediately confronted by CHP officers. Trump supporters held their ground saying that they are just…

Proud Americans

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The Times spoke with Travis Guenther, whose wife was pepper-sprayed by the assailants, and admitted he hit the man with a “Trump, Make America Great Again” flag:

“I hit him five times with the flag over his head,” We’re not xenophobic,” Guenther said. “We’re not racist. We’re just proud Americans.”

California State Parks Captain, Kevin Pearsall, confirmed that two men were arrested on suspicion of “illegal use of pepper-spray.” In addition, a female protester was also arrested for assault and battery.

The event wasn’t just held to support President Trump, but to support the military as well. U.S. Marines had a tent set-up to accept donations to be sent to troops overseas. Despite the violence, which supporters said was hurtful, they believed the “good outweighed the bad.”






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