Trump Makes Devastating Decision For Healthcare Bill… Here’s What You Need To Know


Pattern of Obstruction

Donald Trump

After a full-day of contentious negotiations over Speaker Ryan’s health care proposal, the day ended in a shocking conclusion. A vote had been scheduled for 3:30 p.m. EST on Friday and at the final hour-President Trump pulled the bill and canceled the vote.

Rumors began circulating early in the morning that the proposal, dubbed as “Trumpcare,” was not going to get the GOP votes needed to pass. Democrats were opposed to the bill from the beginning and Nancy Pelosi happily proclaimed victory for the defeat.

However, it is the obstructionist attitudes of establishment Republicans, that ultimately resulted in Trump pulling the vote. The president recently issued what many saw as an “ultimatum” inferring that if they failed to pass the health care law, that he would “move on to other things.”

Repealing and replacing Obamacare has been a passionate pursuit for the GOP for seven years, yet somehow they managed to completely balk at the opportunity to get it done. The “Freedom Caucus” was largely responsible for the failure. Sources inside the White House have indicated that President Trump is not pleased with their obstruction.

Now, millions of Americans are left waiting in limbo- again and many are wondering exactly…

Who is to Blame?

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The “blame game” is already happening inside Washington. Without a doubt, many fingers are pointing at Speaker Paul Ryan. Publicly, President Trump has said that “he doesn’t blame Ryan” but privately, they believe that isn’t exactly true. Perhaps the bigger question is why did Republicans work so hard to defeat their own objectives?

Some might conclude that it is just more evidence that establishment elites are dead-set on defeating the president’s agenda, even if that means shooting themselves in the foot. However, Trump is a businessman and a negotiator. And this may have been nothing more than a chance for him to expose the “true colors” of the D.C. swamp.

Ryan held a press conference and told the media that he urged the president to “pull the bill”.  The speaker also said it was a “disappointing day” for their party and congratulated Trump on his unrelenting efforts to end Obamacare. “We were really close”-added Ryan.

Perhaps this failure will move Ryan one-step closer to the door?

Watch Speaker Ryan’s full press conference:




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