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Photo Credit: The “view” from the cheap seats must be pretty good for people like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. They sit in their comfy chairs, far from the action, and “cry foul” over people like Ivanka Trump. They have an irrelevant and obstructed vantage point in the political ballpark, yet they speak as if they are playing in the game. 

Last week, the hosts had another liberal meltdown in response to Ivanka’s interview with Gayle King. Once again, they took to insulting the first daughter’s role in the White House and her intelligence. Sara Haines stepped-up to the plate first, noting that:

“This is pure and simple nepotism. Should she even be in this position? She is the daughter of the president. Why is she in the White House? We didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump.”

First of all, it is probably safe to presume that they didn’t vote for Donald Trump either, nonetheless, President Trump (like all presidents) appoints people in his cabinet that he trusts. And it certainly isn’t Ivanka’s fault that they voted for Hillary-and lost. They sound jealous and vengeful making remarks like that. Next, comes the issue of nepotism. In all their infinite wisdom about politics, they seem to have forgotten about White House history. Specifically, they forgot about…

John and Bobby Kennedy

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While Democrat John F. Kennedy was serving as the president, his younger brother, Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, served as his attorney general. Now we know that Bobby didn’t have an office in the White House like Ivanka does, however, he spent quite a lot of time in the Oval Office and exerted enormous influence over his brother’s policies.

And yet a thorough search of history uncovered absolutely no outrage over that “nepotism” unless of course, you count the incessant ramblings of J. Edgar Hoover. Their uninformed comments once again highlighted the hypocrisy that has become synonymous with leftists. Finally, after clamoring on about Ivanka’s influence being completely unethical, Whoopi remarked that Ivanka “must be whispering” because her father “isn’t listening.”

So, Ivanka shouldn’t be talking but she should be doing it loudly?  

Do us a favor ladies, stick to gossiping about overrated actresses and ugly Oscar dresses. Beautiful, intelligent, and successful women, like Ivanka Trump, are way out your league.



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