2ICE Raids

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Smartphone apps turned basic cellphones into tools of modern convenience. You can do almost anything nowadays like order a pizza, watch your favorite movie, or schedule a meeting. Of course, none of these useful tech tools will help you break the law. But there is one app that is helping illegal immigrants do just that.

From Fox News Tech:

The new mobile app, called Notifica, will allow undocumented migrants to alert relatives, friends and attorneys if they become victims of immigration raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. App creator Adrian Reyna, who is director of digital strategies for the pro-immigrant organization United We Dream, told EFE that after Trump’s executive order on immigration, he and others thought it would be a good idea to provide the community with a tool of this kind.

The “tool” which will be available April 10th for both Apple and Android phones, is set-up to send messages quickly and efficiently. Those who have the app can create personalized and predetermined messages to send out in case they are detained. For instance, they could contact their attorney, loved ones, and/or friends, each with a different message, and all at once.

It does appear, however, that the app was created to…


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