Dangerous Illegals

Photo Credit: freerepublic.com The ongoing battle between the Trump administration and those who support sanctuary cities is continuing to heat up. Proponents of these safe havens have asserted that they do not harbor violent illegal immigrants, but rather they are created to help immigrants build a better life. However, a new report from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement blows that narrative out of the water.

From Daily Caller:

The report, which covers February 4-10, tallied 47 declined detainer requests from two dozen jurisdictions across the country. New York City accounted for 12 of those rejections, far more than any other jurisdiction. Among those illegal aliens released by New York jails were several who had been charged or convicted of violent crimes. 

Virginia had the second most declined detainers with six, followed by Washington state, with five. Jails in both states released illegal aliens with convictions for assault, domestic violence and DUI.

ICE officials issued more than 2700 detainer requests nationwide during that one week time- period. They currently expect that 540 of those requests will be denied by jurisdictions that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws. Last week, AG Jeff Sessions announced that he would be withholding federal grant money from cities who continue to…

Last week, AG Jeff Sessions announced that he would be withholding federal grant money from cities who continue to…

Defy the Law

Jeff Sessions | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Shielding illegal immigrants in and of itself should be a crime. Putting dangerous and violent illegals back on the streets is a travesty of justice.

Thankfully, part of President Trump’s plan to warn the public about these offenders will give unsuspecting citizens a fighting chance. He ordered a weekly public list of the sanctuary cities who are putting these criminals back on the streets.

With the continuous push-back from places like Chicago where they’re creating special ID’s for illegals and Maryland where they’re set to become the first “sanctuary state,” it is becoming harder and harder for President Trump to keep Americans safe from the threat.

Read the full ICE report here.

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