Breaking-Iran Targeting U.S. Companies In Retaliation For Trump Sanctions


Iran Strikes Back

A man carries a giant flag made of flags of Iran, Palestine, Syria and Hezbollah, during a ceremony marking the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, in Tehran February 11, 2016. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi/TIMA

Iran’s continued defiance of restrictions on their nuclear missile program has prompted harsh sanctions from President Trump. Unlike Obama, who created the disastrous “Iran- Nuclear Deal,” Trump is not standing idly-by-waiting for the missile to be launched.

Not surprisingly, Iran has been none too pleased with the tough policies of the Trump administration. And now, they are fighting back with sanctions of their own-aimed at seizing the assets of U.S. companies.

From Reuters:

Iran has imposed sanctions on 15 U.S. companies for alleged human rights violations and cooperating with Israel, the state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday, in a tit-for-tat reaction to a move by Washington.

The agency quoted Iran’s foreign ministry as saying the companies had “flagrantly violated human rights” and cooperated with Israel in its “terrorism” against the Palestinians and the expansion of Jewish settlements.

Some of the companies that may be affected by the sanctions (a full list of companies can be found here) include Raytheon, ITT Corporation, and United Technologies. In addition to seizing assets belonging to the companies listed, all contact will them has also been prohibited.

Iran’s latest move came just days after Trump sanctioned 11 companies from China, North Korea, and UAB for…

Technology Transfers

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The companies President Trump targeted had confirmed ties with Tehran and provided them with enhancements that would boost their ballistic missile program. A threat that poses a great risk to both America and Israel.

Last week, a bi-partisan group of senators introduced legislation that would impose even tighter sanctions against Iran. The bill would further limit the development of their missile program and restrict other non-nuclear activities deemed as a global threat.

President Trump’s recent travel ban, which includes Iranian citizens, has further enflamed the tensions between the two countries. However, the president has indicated that he has no plans to back down from his fight against the terrorist regime and has vowed to halt their pursuit of nuclear capability.




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