Breaking-Google Losing Billions As ISIS Floods YouTube With Recruitment Videos


Technology Inspired Terrorism

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Democrats have consistently clamored on about President Trump’s travel ban, insisting that it would inspire radical Islamic terrorists. Seems they are truly out-of-touch with the social media platforms ISIS uses to recruit new jihadists–like YouTube for example.

The hugely popular video site has become a breeding ground for ISIS propaganda and recruitment following the recent terrorist attack in London. The Islamic State quickly claimed credit for the attack-and they are celebrating with new videos.

The Times reported:

Islamic State has flooded YouTube with hundreds of violent recruitment videos since the terrorist attack in London last week in an apparent attempt to capitalize on the tragedy, The Times can reveal.

Google, the owner of YouTube, has failed to block the films, despite dozens being posted under obvious usernames such as “Islamic Caliphate” or “IS Agent.” Many are produced by the media wing of ISIS and show, in high definition, beheadings, and other extreme violence, including children.

Google has come under fire recently, with large advertisers like AT&T and Johnson & Johnson pulling their business because of ads being placed with violent content on YouTube. Their move followed the boycotts by several European advertisers that began last week according to the NY Times. These problems certainly highlight…

Social Media Pitfalls

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Given the rise in popularity of social media sites in the last decade, especially with millennials and children, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Still, too many parents and educators are under the impression that groups like ISIS don’t have access to technology. Yet, they have repeatedly proven themselves to be formidable opponents in the technology revolution.

Per The Times, other ISIS videos available on YouTube included one showing a slow-motion close-up of a prisoner being shot in the head, and another featuring jihadists singing: “We shall cut off their heads, with the severe blades, we shall drink the blood, so tasty and dark red.”

London Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, condemned Google’s failure to remove the content, calling it “disgusting.” They have already lost billions of dollars in advertising revenue, and more than 250 brands have pulled their business.

Watch this video explaining how ISIS uses social media:







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