Breaking-Did President Trump Just Ask For Paul Ryan’s Resignation?


A Subtle Hint?

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We recently published a story on President Trump pulling his healthcare bill Friday afternoon- just before a vote on the bill was to happen. Trump said publicly that he didn’t blame Paul Ryan for the failure. However, on Saturday morning, President Trump sent out a tweet urging his followers to watch Judge Jeanine Pirrro’s show:

“Watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight at 9:00 P.M.”

What Judge Pirro had to say is giving rise to a lot of questions. She opened her show and immediately lashed out at Speaker Ryan, demanding that he turn in his resignation:

“Paul Ryan needs to step-down as Speaker of the House. The reason? He failed to deliver the votes on his healthcare bill.”

It was interesting that Judge Jeanine chose to refer to the bill as belonging to Ryan. Most Trump supporters have viewed Ryan as a threat. They feel he is not a true conservative, but a Democrat lackey who does their bidding behind closed doors. Many believe he is not as supportive of the president as he presents.

Pirro goes on to point out that Ryan had seven years to work on the bill. She also mentions how he kept the bill hidden…

Under Lock and Key

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Judge Pirro is a very outspoken Trump supporter, however, she is clearly not a Paul Ryan fan. The judge hit on the stark reality of just how bad Ryan’s failure was:

“This bill didn’t just fail. It failed when Republicans had the House, the Senate, the White House. And the timing? It failed within the first 70 days of Trump’s administration.”

It seems more than plausible, that the timing of President Trump’s tweet and Judge Pirro’s assault on Ryan was not a coincidence. Ryan jumped at the opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare-and then he couldn’t deliver.

Or perhaps he never intended to deliver?

What seems most likely about the fiasco, is that President Trump knew he would fail and so he took the opportunity to expose Ryan for who he really he is. The biggest and most dangerous gator in the D.C. swamp.

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