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Coincidences are not rare. They happen all the time, like when you run into a friend at the mall or end up eating dinner at the same restaurant as your boss. But, some things in life are not a coincidence, they are well executed plans that are meant to “look” random. That seems to be exactly what is happening with Fox News.

Last week, it was announced that long-time Fox host, Bill O’Reilly, would part ways with the cable network. The decision came after O’Reilly was hit with several lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, five of which were settled by Fox and/or O’Reilly. Several popular conservative pundits, including O’Reilly himself, have claimed that this was a smear campaign to topple Fox News.

Based on the latest allegations against Sean Hannity, it would seem they are right. In an interview with the Pat Campbell Show on Friday, former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel claimed that Hannity had invited her to his hotel room, twice, when they appeared together for one of his programs. But when she rebuffed him, Schlussel said that she was never asked back on the show.

What’s interesting about this latest allegation is that the New York Times reported several days ago that Hannity would be the…

Next Target

Bill O’Reilly | Photo Credit Fox News

Hannity has categorically denied the claims against him. His show is now the longest running conservative news show with O’Reilly’s departure. He is also considered one of President Trump’s biggest champions. Last Thursday, NYT reporter, Jeremy Peters, “suggested” that Hannity would be next to be caught up in Fox’s housecleaning.

“I think you have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity,” Peters said, “and question whether or not his almost propaganda-like attitude and programming every night is going to be acceptable in the minds of the family which is clearly trying to shift the network in another direction.”

There has been a great deal of speculation that some in the Murdoch family have been very unhappy with the conservative leanings of Fox News. In 2008, Roger Ailes threatened to quit after he found out that Rupert Murdoch was considering endorsing Barack Obama. Now, Ailes too has been ousted from the network –because of sexual harassment allegations.

Coincidence? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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