3In Defiance of Trump, Boulder Colorado Just Put Their City In Mass Danger

Sanctuary citiesBoulder also wants CU Boulder to become a sanctuary campus. Photo credit: Daily Camera

The city of Boulder, Colorado sent a message that it is “defying Trump” and his policies to crack down on illegal immigrants by declaring itself a sanctuary city.

Examples of sanctuary cities include Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco, California. These cities protect illegal immigrants by implementing a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

That means that illegal immigrations (often ones involved in criminal activities) have a “safe harbor”.

In a Sanctuary city, local law enforcement officials are also not allowed to hold suspects based solely on their immigration status.

This kind of policy alarms Americans who are afraid of the dangers of protecting undocumented immigrants. They argue that these cities should not receive federal funding because they refuse to implement federal immigration laws.

Boulder did not seem to mind the effects of being a sanctuary city as exemplified by other places that have already declared themselves as such. The move has led to…


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