It’s always something. If it’s not an attack on Christian bakeries for beliefs conflicting with the leftist movement, it’s cities destroying traditions in order to appease “differing cultures.” 

When asked about changing the names of Good Friday and Columbus Day, Bloomington, Indiana Mayor John Hamilton, shared his perspective on channel Fox 59.

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Although Good Friday carries a deep meaning to those of the Christian faith, Bloomington decided that pacifying certain “vocal” groups was more important than maintaining centuries of positive tradition–watering down the holiday’s origin. What amazes me more, is the stance that the change was supposedly made to respect the workplace.

Once again, commerce is trumped (sorry Donald) by political correctness. The very thing that drove the masses to ring in a new federal administration. I only hope President-elect Trump reverses this troubling effect. 

Bloomington, Indiana is the host city to Indiana University. A fine institution unto itself, but an integral part of the liberal network currently permeating our local governments.

For the good of the few, many must be insulted.

Hamilton went on to tell Fox 59 that changing the holiday names will “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.” Oh, that we could all see more unicorns prancing in the field.

And what are the name changes proposed for the city of Bloomington?

Columbus Day (becoming Indigenous Person’s Day in many areas) is now a “Fall Holiday”.

Good Friday will take on the moniker of Spring Holiday. Not only do they lack originality, but the names reflect a mindset to make everything generic. It reminds me of watching an MSNBC broadcast–lacking originality.

Mayor Hamilton told the television station, “We do not set religious policies, we are not supposed to be part of religion, and we are just trying to make sure that our government is open to all people and inclusive.”

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Since when does Columbus Day fall under the religious holiday label?

Albeit many communities are rallying around the call for changing the Columbus Day name nationally, the non-secular argument the good mayor alludes to still doesn’t make sense.

But Columbus Day aside, the focus on changing Good Friday to “Happy Unicorns Day” …sorry “Spring Day”, is part of the leftist culture’s desire to alienate Christians from many facets of society. The idea that this is “inclusive” of all people is a joke. A sad joke at that.

Good Friday is a hallmark for the Judeo-Christian faith. It is a day that reminds folks that Jesus was nailed to the Cross for the purpose of redeeming people from their messups, (the Bible calls it sin), doing for them what they cannot do solely for themselves.

Good Friday permeates Christianity in its holy meaning. So to change the name for so-called “tolerance” is intolerant at best.

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The last eight years under the Obama Administration spiked considerable attacks on people of faith in Jesus. In the private, commercial, and government sectors, Christians were targeted. It’s been open-season on Christ-followers, with efforts to try and force them to keep their views out of the public eye. Animosity abounds, and this recent name change effort in Indiana is another example.

Todd Starnes with stated, “I’ve grown weary of boorish bureaucrats trying to whitewash our faith from the public marketplace all in the name of tolerance and diversity.”

A similar sentiment is held by millions of other Christians in this country. It’s no wonder Trump’s recent victory is a high-five for many.

To the mayor and people of Bloomington, you might remember that when you seek to change aspects of tradition, culturally or religiously, in the name of diversity–your narrowmindedness comes through in living color. When we white-wash our history, we are a nation doomed to implode. 

What do you think about leftist efforts to change long-standing holiday names–especially those with holy significance?

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