Bill Maher Just MASSIVELY Attacked Trump With 2 Words…

Real-Time with Bill Maher | Photo credit Variety

Real Time host, Bill Maher, is suggesting there’s a big difference in how liberals and conservatives handle people accused of sexual assault.  It seems Maher, has a very short memory.

On his HBO show Friday, Maher addressed the latest accusations against senatorial candidate Roy Moore. Feeling the need to defend Democrats, he made the absurd suggestion that conservatives support alleged rapists.

“I’ve got to defend my tribe here a little bit, liberals vs. conservatives. Because certainly, sexual harassment is absolutely the one thing we see now is totally, truly bipartisan, maybe the last thing that is,” Maher began.

Continuing his vitriol, Maher posits liberals are much harder on men who commit sexual assault. “No liberal defended Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, who might be going to jail…” he said.

“Compare that to Trump and Roy Moore. We arrest our alleged rapists. They elect them.”

However, it seems Maher has forgotten a few names. Like William Jefferson Clinton, for one. While the former president’s scandalous history wasn’t well-known before his election, it didn’t take long to become noticeable.

And yet, despite committing adultery in the Oval Office, and allegations of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, he remained president. In fact, he wasn’t punished for taking advantage of the young intern, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was impeached on paper, for perjury.

Moreover, contrary to Maher’s claims, no criminal charges are pending against Weinstein. Nor have charges been filed against the many other left-wing actors and journalists who stand accused.

On the contrary, look what happened to Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Both of those men were ousted from Fox News over accusations that aren’t nearly the level as those against Weinstein and company.

And there was plenty of evidence to suggest O’Reilly, like Moore, may be innocent.

Innocence Lost

Bill and Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky | Photo credit People Magazine

Time and time again, Maher’s “tribe” has been complicit in covering up crimes, or like Hillary Clinton, have a penchant for victim-blaming.

Perhaps next time Maher decides to defend his cohorts, he will do a little research first. After all, they say “it’s better to appear a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”