Cosby Trial Most Famous Since O.J.

Bill Cosby | Photo Credit LA Times It’s been debated as to whether or not iconic comedian Bill Cosby will be charged in a criminal case. After countless accusations, Cosby arrived in a Pennsylvania courtroom to stand trial for a rape accusation.

The accuser, Andrew Constand, refers to an incident with Cosby back in 2004. Another accuser who spoke about a very unflattering incident in 2005 will also likely testify against the actor-comedian.

The media believes this will be the most famous celebrity trial since O.J. Simpson. Not only is the news about a well-known celebrity, but because the accusations are so shocking, far more people will tune in.

Cosby has been described as a sexual predator, rather than a mentor, according to the Prosecution.

Cosby Described As “Sexual Predator”

Cosby Trial | Photo Credit NY Times

Deadline Hollywood reports:

“Bill Cosby’s criminal trial is the celebrity criminal trial of the new 21st century,” Pierce O’Donnell of L.A. firm Greenberg Glusker told Deadline. “In many ways, Cosby is a far more luminous public figure than O.J. Simpson; he was a national treasure, a beloved icon, and a revered pioneer for Black Americans,” the Hollywood litigator said.”

“His fall from grace is mind boggling,” O’Donnell adds of the more than 60 women in recent years who’ve claimed Cosby drugged and/or assaulted them, and the implosion of the actor’s career and stature. “Cosby has already been convicted of this crime and many others in the court of public opinion, but the only court that counts is the court of law.”

Cosby Accused Of Drugging With Quaaludes

Quaaludes | Photo Credit Wolf of Wall Street

The New York Times reports:

“The prosecutor cited a phone call between Mr. Cosby and Ms. Constand’s mother, Gianna, who is scheduled to testify, in which he apologized and offered to fly her to Florida and pay for some schooling.”

“Mr. McMonagle addressed Mr. Cosby’s acknowledgement of the quaaludes, but dismissed the point, saying his use of them had been decades ago and had been with consenting women Touching upon Mr. Cosby’s affairs and the death of his son, he said: “You see a comedian who made us smile, somebody may see a flawed husband whose infidelities made him vulnerable to these accusations. Some of you will look over there and see a man and see someone who has seen greatness and someone who has suffered unendurable personal tragedy. I hope you will see just a citizen, just someone who is there.”

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