In a series of 20,000 hacked emails released by WikiLeaks, the highly contested primary was a race rigged against Bernie Sanders. The emails closely depict how DNC staff discussed how to deal with Bernie Sanders.  It also discussed the rising tide of support as a challenge to Crooked Hillary’s nomination.

Deputy Communications Director Mark Paustenbach made an effort to create a “Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess,” undermining Sanders’ every effort in his bid, in favor of Crooked Hillary.

The democratic party sought to dismantle Bernie Sanders’ campaign from the inside.  They wanted to limit Sanders’ “press coverage, and categorically place him as an inferior candidate” compared to Hillary’s so called ‘experience’.” 

Bernie Sanders supporters have yet to mobilize in an effort to support Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary Clinton. For Millennial voters, Clinton seems like the polar opposite to Sanders’ policies fought for during his candidacy for the presidential nomination.  


Trump stated, “You don’t know who broke into DNC. But what did we learn with DNC? We learned that Bernie Sanders was taken advantage of by your people.”

Donald J. Trump also stated that recent hacks, like that of the Democratic National Committee, show that when it comes to cyber security, “we’ve lost control of things we used to have control over.”

Young millennials simply aren’t interested in Hillary Clinton’s dirty politics and backwards dealings with private banks/corporate interests.  For Millennials, Hillary simply doesn’t get what moves this voting bloc.  A voting bloc that is larger than the baby-boomer generation.

Clinton’s efforts have been to undermine the voting bloc by subverting different elements of it. Clinton doesn’t get that by trying to divide the group into Blacks, Latinos and Whites (who are not ‘deplorables’ one might add), that simply doesn’t work with Millennials who vote across racial lines.

Essentially, Hillary Clinton is the opposite of what Millennials are looking for. 

Bernie Sanders, who was able to mobilize Millennial supporters, should be appalled with the Democratic party.  Under the direction of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the elite strata of the DNC, they actively worked against him.  They undermined his campaign and derailed his nomination. While Sanders himself is adamantly anti-Trump in his rhetoric, his policies are more similar to Trump’s than Clinton’s.

Trump seems to hold great respect for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie was able to inspire a movement of young people.  They knew that the deal they were going to get with Crooked Hillary will be a losing one.  Millennials supported Obama by the millions.  While Obama may hold town hall meetings to discuss student loan debt, the fact is that he has done nothing to change the underlining issues and make real changes; such as, a government structure that seeks to make money from students and their debt burden.

Trump understands that he is now the only candidate able to bring the necessary change that made Bernie so well-liked among Millennials.

Mr. Trump is committed to policies that will change the way the government deals with students.

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