Ben Carson’s New Plan To End ‘Welfare Culture’ Makes The Left Freak


The idea that able-bodied Americans shouldn’t have to support themselves is a hallmark of liberal politics. But Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is hoping to put an end to the welfare culture that is rampant in the federal housing program.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson proposes ending welfare culture
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Last week, Secretary Carson set the left on fire with news he plans to raise rent cost for people receiving help through HUD. His proposal would increase the amount recipients in the program pay for subsidized housing from 30% to 35%.

In addition, the minimum amount for rent (currently $50) would increase to $150. Now, for most of us, the thought of paying so little for rent is jaw-dropping. However, based on the reaction of Leftists, that amount is earth-shattering and unfair to poor people.

Although, the reaction is not surprising when you consider that these same people embrace welfare as a way of life. Which, according to Carson, is a problem that needs a viable solution. In an interview with Townhall, he said the program as it stands now is more of a hand-out than a hand-up.

“Instead of it being a stepladder it’s become a mode of life and, in many cases, for generation after generation of individuals and I don’t think it’s their fault,” said Carson. I think it’s the fault of the system that has basically sapped the incentive for people to work.”

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