While legal citizens work hard every day to support their families, illegals in San Francisco, CA are raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. And all they had to do for their big payday was be detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Photo credit: NPR According to CBS affiliate KPIX5, Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno went to a San Francisco police station looking for his stolen car in December of 2015. Zarceno was in the country illegally and was taken into custody by ICE immediately after leaving the station. 18 months later, the city is giving Zarceno $190,000 dollars because San Francisco is a sanctuary city.

After his arrest, Zarceno was held in ICE detention for two months, a decision his lawyers said violated the city’s sanctuary policy. The policy prohibits local law enforcement from cooperating with authorities to uphold federal immigration laws. So, when the deputy at the police station reported Zarceno, he also allegedly violated his rights.

Speaking through an interpreter (because learning the language was obviously a burden), Zarceno said he was handcuffed by ICE agents outside the station, without being given the opportunity to answer questions. “I could hear my daughter screaming outside the van, Dad! Dad!” he said. “I could hear her telling them not to take her dad.”

Source credit: LA Times

One has to wonder, why wasn’t he considering his daughter when he decided to violate federal law in the first place? Guess he doesn’t have to worry about that now since taxpayers will be providing them a comfortable life in America. 

President Trump has made every effort to enforce immigration laws since he took office, specifically targeting sanctuary cities. The House recently passed a measure that would withhold federal funds from any city that refuses to comply with immigration enforcement. However, several officials in states like New York and California have openly defied his threats.


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