Did You Notice THIS When Melania Accepted The White House Christmas Tree?

First lady Melania Trump and her son Barron welcome the official White House Christmas tree | Photo credit | Mercury News

The 2017 Christmas season is officially in full-swing for the Trump family. First Lady Melania and 11-year old Barron were all smiles as their first White House Christmas tree arrived on Monday. The festive occasion was captured in photos and they’re sure to jump-start your Christmas spirit.

Barron Stands Tall

Barron and Melania
Barron Trump stands taller than Melania as they view the White House Christmas tree. | Photo credit Daily Mail

Perhaps more noticeable than the giant tree was Barron towering over his mom, Melania. Wearing a black blazer, dress pants, and a crisp white shirt, President Trump’s youngest son stood shoulder to shoulder with his mom. She was wearing high-heeled boots, but he still passed her up.

Sharing Traditions

Melania and Barron
Melania and Barron Trump get a close-up view of the White House Christmas tree. | Photo credit SFGate

This is the first White House Christmas for the Trump family. Barron joined Melania as she continued the holiday tradition of first ladies receiving the tree. The pair walked around the horse-drawn wagon to get a close-up view of the beautiful fir.

Merry Melania

Melania Trump
Melania kept things casual for the arrival of the Christmas tree. | Photo credit Daily Mail

As always, the first lady looked gorgeous. Looking merry and bright, Melania kept it casual for the tree arrival. Donning a red top, jeans, black boots, and a plaid jacket, it was hard to tell which was more beautiful- her or the tree.

The White House Tree

Melania and Barron
Melania and Barron pose for a photo with the Chapman family. | Photo credit Global News

The 19 1/2-foot balsam fir tree comes from Silent Night Evergreens farm in Wisconsin. Owners Jim and Diane Chapman won an annual contest sponsored by the National Christmas Tree Association.

Melania thanked the Chapmans for the tree, promising, “we will decorate it very nicely.” “I hope you can come and visit with us,” she told them. She also shared video of the tradition on her Facebook page saying:

“Thank you, Silent Night Evergreens in Wisconsin for our beautiful tree! President Donald J. Trump, Barron, and I are excited for Christmas in our new home!”

Precious Moments

Melania and Barron Trump
Melania is all smiles as she talks with son, Barron. | Photo credit Daily Mail

Melania is embracing her role as America’s First Lady. She recently returned from a 12-day diplomatic trip to East Asia with the president, where she dazzled supporters in Japan and China.

Our Monday Monday Network family wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.