“Drunk Judge” Calls Media “Racist” In Crazy Rant In Defense Of Huge Raise


If there is anyone out there not 100% convinced that some government officials aren’t corrupt, this story might do the trick. Rochester, New York Judge Leticia Astacio just received a raise despite working only one day out of 214. And that’s just the beginning.

Leticia Astacio is known as the Drunk Judge in Rochester New York
Photo credit | Democrat and Chronicle

Astacio, a city court judge, went on a Facebook Live tirade recently to address the outrage over her April 1 raise. Her salary jumped from $175,000 a year to $187,200, which angered all those who know her shady history.

To local residents in Rochester, Astacio is the “drunk judge” in town. In the summer of 2016, the courts convicted her of driving while intoxicated. She later violated her probation on two separate occasions, prompting another judge to put her in jail.

While in jail, Astacio continued to receive her outlandish salary. Following the end of her one-year suspension (also paid), the judge rarely reported to work. According to Wham News 13, she finally reported to work on February 27.

Of course, she didn’t voluntarily show up for duty. Astacio returned only upon order of Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran. Prior to that, Astacio hadn’t worked since August of 2017. However, like a true leftist, the judge believed she earned her raise.

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